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China looks to regulate city growth

[2016-02-22 09:32]

China released a guideline on urban planning on Sunday in a bid to tackle the problems associated with increasing urbanization and the explosion of city sizes.

China plans to differentiate cities and limit sprawl

[2016-02-21 20:09]

Chinese central authorities on Sunday issued guidelines on urban development, two months after leaders met for the Central Urban Work Conference.

Beijing eyes public-private partnerships for priority projects

[2016-02-21 18:08]

The Beijing government is going to encourage the private sector to get involved in public-private partnerships to fund key projects in transportation, the environment and industry, the city's bureau of finance said on Sunday.

China, Pakistan to facilitate pragmatic cooperation of OBOR

[2016-02-21 13:45]

Chinese and Pakistani officials and experts on the "One Belt and One Road" initiative gathered on Friday during a visit to China Railway 17 Bureau Group Co. to exchange views and investigate on the potentials for strategic cooperation under the strategy.

5 myths about China's missile deployment on Yongxing Island

[2016-02-21 09:23]

The South China Sea issue is back in the headlines again, this time thanks to the reports from Western media that China has deployed a missile system on Yongxing Island in the Xisha.

President Xi's media tour draws positive feedback

[2016-02-21 08:21]

President Xi Jinping's inspection tour to three leading news providers was lauded by reporters, experts and students majoring in journalism.

China to strengthen supervision of tourism market

[2016-02-20 04:13]

China's State Council, the cabinet, said Friday it will expedite establishment of a tourism supervision mechanism to address problems such as the infringement of tourists' rights.

China's Xi underscores CPC's leadership in news reporting

[2016-02-20 03:34]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday ordered news media run by the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Chinese government to strictly follow the Party's leadership and focus on "positive reporting."

US saber-rattling could spark arms buildup, experts say

[2016-02-19 22:50]

Experts said that if Washington continues to flex its military muscles in the South China Sea, it may prompt China to boost its defense buildup there to safeguard its lawful rights.

China accuses US of militarizing South China Sea

[2016-02-19 21:32]

China said on Friday that it does not intend to pursue militarization of the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea and criticized US air and naval patrols in the region.

China urges caution over sanctions against DPRK

[2016-02-19 20:54]

China on Friday urged relevant parties to be cautious and show restraint to avoid complicating the situation as the United States passed a bill to impose more stringent sanctions on Pyongyang.

President Xi visits major State media in Beijing

[2016-02-19 15:22]

President Xi Jinping tours the headquarters of People's Daily newspaper in Beijing on February 19, 2016.[Photo/Xinhua]

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