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Ex-BOC chairman appointed top securities regulator

[2013-03-18 07:42]

The government has appointed a new top regulator for the nation's securities market in the middle of its campaign to improve companies' listing practices and the market's credibility.

Former UK envoy optimistic about China's future

[2013-03-18 03:35]

China's new leadership is expected to bring reforms and modernization, said Anthony Galsworthy, former British ambassador to China.

Scotland seeks closer ties with Beijing

[2013-03-18 03:26]

China's commitment to sustainable development will benefit China and the world, according to Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond.

Li sets out strategic mission for next 5 years

[2013-03-18 03:06]

Premier Li Keqiang outlined the top three tasks of the new government over the next five years, and vowed to push forward reforms and the rule of law.

'Chinese dream' of national rejuvenation

[2013-03-18 02:53]

Xi Jinping started his presidency promising to deliver a "Chinese dream" of national rejuvenation. The vision will be the guiding philosophy of the new leadership over the next five years, experts said.

New foreign minister vows to work for harmonious world

[2013-03-18 02:01]

Newly appointed Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday that China will assume its due responsibility and make unremitted efforts to build a harmonious world of sustained peace and common prosperity.

Urbanization is 'free choice', Li says

[2013-03-18 00:03]

Premier Li said on Sunday that China will continue to urbanize but would avoid creating sprawling cities with shantytowns.

Premier Li stresses reform, opening up

[2013-03-17 14:45]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that China's reform and opening-up drive has changed the life of many Chinese, including himself.

Li promises to further advance mainland-HK coop

[2013-03-17 14:44]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday said that the central government will further advance policies for deepening cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong.

Li pledges to prudently advance urbanization

[2013-03-17 14:26]

China's Premier Li Keqiang pledged Sunday to advance urbanization in a steady, active and prudent way, saying that urbanization is an inevitable trend.

Li asks public to supervise government

[2013-03-17 14:23]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday that he is willing to accept supervision from the society and media on clean governance.

Li rejects hacker accusation

[2013-03-17 14:15]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday rejected the accusation of hacker attacks against the United States, calling it "presumption of guilt."

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