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China defends sovereignty of airspace over Diaoyu

[2012-12-14 18:49]

China on Friday said it is necessary to send marine surveillance planes in airspace over the Diaoyu Islands in order to safeguard its sovereignty.

Legislature to deliberate law curbing land expropriation

[2012-12-14 17:41]

China's top legislature will deliberate draft amendments to the laws on land management and trademarks during a bimonthly session.

Official with 4 wives removed from legislature

[2012-12-14 15:47]

A former district legislator from North China's Shanxi province who has found to have four wives and 10 children has been removed from the legislature.

All eyes on officials' bad work style

[2012-12-14 15:30]

Chinese Internet users are using the country's twitter-like microblogging website to monitor government officials' efforts to reject extravagance and reduce bureaucratism.

Calls for legislation for govt info transparency

[2012-12-14 14:44]

Experts from home and abroad have suggested creating laws that will force the government to make more information public and thus promote transparency at a symposium held on Thursday.

Corruption fight gains momentum under new leadership

[2012-12-14 11:28]

The intensified fight against corruption shows the country's endeavor to fight official wrongdoing, which has already seen real actions instead of empty slogans.

Comments on Xi's Guangdong inspection

[2012-12-14 10:50]

I think Xi's visit indicates his gratification at past accomplishments achieved by Guangdong as well as his expectation that there will be greater progress in the future.

CPC bureaucracy-busting efforts to be scrutinized

[2012-12-14 10:47]

Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) leader Liu Yunshan on Thursday said CPC leaders will be examined regularly on changes in their work style and the results will be made public.

Xi's inspection in Guangdong

[2012-12-14 07:56]

Xi Jinping conducted his first inspection tour as the new Party chief from Dec 7 to 11 in Guangdong province.

Inciting self-immolation is extreme crime

[2012-12-14 07:38]

Inciting self-immolation is an extreme crime and runs against Buddhist doctrine, a Buddhist master has said, while advising followers to "discern good and evil."

900 foreigners get 'green cards' in Beijing

[2012-12-14 07:32]

Beijing has granted permanent Chinese residency to 911 foreigners, who share almost the same rights and responsibilities as Chinese nationals.

Air patrol turbulence as Diaoyu tension rises

[2012-12-14 04:00]

Chinese and Japanese aircraft were involved in a standoff in the skies above the Diaoyu Islands on Thursday. Special: Diaoyu Islands Dispute

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