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Foreign minister anticipates relations with France

[2013-11-01 07:42]

Foreign Minister Wang Yi is calling his two-day visit to France that wrapped up on Thursday a prelude to closer high-level exchanges and dialogue between Beijing and Paris as they aim to further strengthen relations.

China ‘urges’ US to explain phone taps

[2013-11-01 07:24]

The Chinese government urged the United States to clarify and explain its reported espionage activities in China on Thursday.
Chinese cities victim of US spying scheme

Xi stresses gender equality

[2013-11-01 05:21]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday underlined the importance of gender equality, calling for full play to be given to the role of women in order to help achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

China firmly opposes, combats terrorism: FM spokesperson

[2013-11-01 05:11]

China on Thursday reiterated its firm opposition to terrorism and its resolution to fight terrorism in all forms.

China opposes disclosure of WTO report

[2013-11-01 00:43]

China strongly opposes disclosure of an interim World Trade Organization report that disfavors the nation's claim in its rare earths disputes with other countries.

China demands US explanation on phone tapping

[2013-10-31 21:53]

China said Thursday it is gravely concerned over reported US tapping of phone calls in China and has demanded an explanation from the United States.

Defense Ministry responds to Tian'anmen crash

[2013-10-31 20:35]

A Defense Ministry spokesman said Thursday the Chinese army will fight various terrorist activities according to government instructions when responding to the Tian'anmen car crash.

Stop seeing China through 'colored glasses'

[2013-10-31 19:20]

The Chinese Defense Ministry on Thursday urges "some people" to stop looking at China's arms sales through "colored glasses."

Xu Jiong to head Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau

[2013-10-31 19:05]

Xu Jiong, former Party chief of Wenhui-Xinmin United Press Group, has been appointed as director of Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau and Shanghai Copyright Administration, according to an announcement on the bureau's official website.

Japan's surveillance highly provocative: China

[2013-10-31 17:27]

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman said Japan's surveillance of a zone used by the Chinese navy for drills is "a highly hazardous act of provocation."

FM calls for new progress in China-Italy ties

[2013-10-31 11:13]

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday called for inaugurating a new phase of all-round cooperation between China and Italy.

China to continue UN peacekeeping missions

[2013-10-31 09:41]

China would continue to support and participate in United Nations peacekeeping operations, a Chinese envoy to the UN said Wednesday.

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