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Li's visit gauges economic pulse

[2014-11-20 19:08]

Premier Li Keqiang visited China's largest wholesale commodity market on Thursday, taking the economy's pulse as a leading factory output indicator slumped to a six-month low.

Anti-graft drive expands to overseas diplomatic missions

[2014-11-20 16:00]

China has stepped up its war on graft by joining the International Anti-Corruption Academy, a global institute based in Austria that provides education and training to members on how to effectively combat bribery, reported South China Morning Post on Wednesday.

Chinese president appoints six new ambassadors

[2014-11-19 20:55]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed six new ambassadors, according to a statement issued by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) on Wednesday.

Sharpen 'Sword of Damocles' with targeted inspections

[2014-11-19 19:57]

China's central authority launched the third round of top-level disciplinary inspections of this year on Tuesday, moving to sharpen the "Sword of Damocles" hanging above those in power.

Rule of law will boost foreign confidence

[2014-11-18 12:07]

The overhaul of the legal system and its strict enforcement will help create a transparent environment for foreign investors, said Vaughn Barber, head of China Outbound for KPMG.

Senior NEA official investigated on bribery charges

[2014-11-17 07:32]

A senior official from the National Energy Administration is under investigation on bribery charges in the latest development of China's anti-graft campaign.

Air force plans to modify pilot selection process

[2014-11-17 07:52]

The People's Liberation Army air force will upgrade its pilot selection procedure, adding individual psychological tests and flight simulation to the country's strictest recruitment process.

Chinese weapons winning battle for int'l market

[2014-11-17 07:16]

Chinese-made armaments have become increasingly popular in the international market, according to an industry insider.

Top Chinese legislator to visit three Latin American countries

[2014-11-15 21:28]

China's top legislator Zhang Dejiang will pay an official friendly visit to Peru, Colombia and Mexico from Nov 20 to 28.

Former senior official prosecuted in N. China province

[2014-11-15 19:03]

A former senior official in north China's Hebei Province has been prosecuted for accepting bribes and holding a large amount of property from unidentified sources, said the provincial procuratorate on Saturday.

Xi, Obama meeting: a lively history lesson

[2014-11-15 13:20]

People's Daily revealed more details about the Xi-Obama meeting in Zhongnanhai.

Experts applaud Party's emphasis on the rule of law

[2014-11-15 08:18]

China's top human rights researchers said on Friday that the road map to the rule of law in the country - drawn up last month by the Fourth Plenum of the 18th Communist Party of China Central Committee - will protect Chinese citizens' legal rights and interests if the CPC implements the plan properly.

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