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Li concludes four-country visits

[2013-05-28 15:45]

Premier Li Keqiang returned to Beijing Tuesday morning after concluding official visits to India, Pakistan, Switzerland and Germany.

President Xi meets with mayor of Los Angeles

[2013-05-28 15:18]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with the mayor of Los Angeles on Tuesday in Beijing, and the two sides agreed to strengthen local-level exchanges and people-to-people contact.

Online appointments for Beijinger passports

[2013-05-28 09:57]

Beijing residents can make an online appointment to apply for passports starting June 1, 2013, cutting the process by two days.

CPC to sharpen intra-Party management

[2013-05-28 07:56]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Monday published two documents to regulate the formation of Party rules.
Officials told to give up VIP cards
Asset declaration system to be improved 

China, Spain to enhance sci-tech cooperation

[2013-05-28 04:33]

China and Spain have agreed to enhance cooperation in science and technology innovation between the two countries during a recent visit to Spain by a senior Chinese official.

New leadership highly values China-EU ties

[2013-05-28 03:19]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's first visit to Europe, which took him to Switzerland and Germany, showed the new leadership of China highly values the country's ties with Europe.

Li: China's development chances for the world

[2013-05-28 03:05]

China's development means more chances for the world and China will continue to provide a level playing field for foreign companies, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in Berlin on Monday.

Li salutes Schmidt's efforts for bilateral ties

[2013-05-28 02:58]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang hailed on Monday former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt's contribution to the development of China-Germany relations.

Leaders vow cooperation

[2013-05-28 02:13]

President Xi Jinping and Uruguayan President Jose Mujica on Monday pledged to strengthen "comprehensive cooperation" to facilitate their domestic agendas and Sino-Latin American relations.

Interest in sports helps relations

[2013-05-28 02:12]

Chinese leaders' interest and even participation in sports has emerged as a way to strengthen relations between China and other countries.

Premier's first tour a success

[2013-05-28 02:10]

During Li's maiden official trip, bilateral relations with the four countries he visited were significantly strengthened and a number of agreements were signed to promote economic cooperation.

Xi calls for 'new' type of relations

[2013-05-28 02:10]

China and the United States should explore a new type of relationship between major countries, President Xi said ahead of his summit with Barack Obama.

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