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Time to get straight to the point

[2013-10-17 08:14]

The Chinese government has moved to improve the transparency of official information through a radical overhaul of the system whereby departmental spokespeople explain government policy.

Swiss film highlights 'Tibetan orphans' taken from birth parents

[2013-10-17 07:18]

In 1963, seven-year-old Tibi Lhundub Tsering was picked up by his foster parents at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. His mother Youden Jampa, working in a road-building camp in India, knew nothing of her son's whereabouts.

'Orphans' incident exposes Dalai clique's hypocrisy

[2013-10-17 07:04]

The "Tibetan orphans" incident, exposed by European media, has lifted the veil on the callous and hypocritical Dalai Lama clique, who have been masquerading as pacifist and benevolent.

Chinese president meets Myanmar defense chief

[2013-10-16 21:37]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Min Aung Hlaing, commander-in-chief of Myanmar's Defense Services, on Wednesday in Beijing.

China FM defends Middle East oil imports

[2013-10-16 19:17]

The Chinese Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman on Wednesday denied that China's increasing crude oil imports from the Middle East were against any third-party interests.

'Against human nature'

[2013-10-16 01:17]

Dalai Lama forced hundreds of children to leave their parents and be adopted by foreign families in the 1960s, Swiss media have reported.

Courts urged to make use of new media

[2013-10-16 01:01]

China's top court asked each court to make full use of new media platforms, including micro blogs, to update trial information in a timely manner and improve judicial transparency.

Nation honors father of Xi Jinping

[2013-10-16 00:57]

China honored the 100th anniversary of the birth of Xi Zhongxun, a late top political leader and the father of President Xi Jinping, on Tuesday with a symposium at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Young Chinese in Hanoi boost ties

[2013-10-16 00:47]

Zhao Liping, 22, is one of 29 Chinese students majoring in the Vietnamese language at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Youth encouraged to expand relations

[2013-10-16 00:44]

When the young Chinese and Vietnamese students from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, sang this song in both of their mother tongues, they also sang their blessings to Sino-Vietnamese friendship and future ties.

Information transparency vital for image

[2013-10-16 00:41]

Government departments should strive to improve information transparency so as to better respond to people's concerns, the State Council said on Tuesday.

$100b trade target for 2017

[2013-10-16 00:34]

China and Vietnam will achieve bilateral annual trade volume of $100 billion by 2017, Premier Li said during a luncheon with business leaders in Hanoi.
Young Chinese in Hanoi boost ties
Youth encouraged to expand relations

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