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Courts test new ground in year of change

[2014-01-09 01:34]

With "tigers" in the dock and reform in the headlines, 2013 may prove to have been a springboard for major change in the justice system, especially in transparency, legal experts say.

State Council further simplifies approval process

[2014-01-09 01:02]

The central government announced on Wednesday that it will eliminate or transfer another 70 administrative approval items to lower levels this year, as part of a move to further simplify approval procedures.

Xi: Wipe out judicial corruption

[2014-01-09 00:59]

President Xi Jinping called for a zero-tolerance approach toward corruption in the political and legal systems on Wednesday and said any "black sheep must be removed".

Top court seeks judicial transparency

[2014-01-09 00:38]

The top court is to publish an annual work report in English to give the world a better understanding of China's judicial system and to reduce misunderstandings.

Government to further streamline administrative approvals

[2014-01-08 23:41]

The Chinese government on Wednesday vowed to further streamline administrative approvals and delegate power to lower levels.

New ambassador to the EU takes up reins

[2014-01-08 20:05]

China has sent a senior official from the Communist Party of China’s international relations department to take charge of its dealings with the European Union.

Xi stresses vitality-order balance in rule of law

[2014-01-08 18:50]

President Xi Jinping has called for a greater role of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in guiding the country's political and legal affairs, urging a balance between "vitality and order".

Guangdong conference slims down

[2014-01-08 17:11]

The annual political consultative conference of Guangdong province will be shortened to four days this year, making it the shortest conference since 2004.

Guangdong legislature invites overseas Chinese as observers

[2014-01-08 16:23]

The Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress invited 10 overseas Chinese to attend this year's session as observers, organizers said.

China calls for 'rational' fix in S. Sudan

[2014-01-08 01:07]

China called on Monday for an immediate cease-fire in South Sudan and hoped for a reasonable and rational solution from the ongoing peace talks between the government and rebels.

Chinese FM spokeswoman dismisses Japanese envoy's remarks as "unreasonable"

[2014-01-07 23:56]

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying on Tuesday rejected Japanese Ambassador to Britain Keiichi Hayashi's recent remarks on China as "ignorant, unreasonable and arrogant."

China dismisses Abe's intention to explain shrine visit

[2014-01-07 22:06]

China here on Tuesday dismissed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's intention to explain his visit to the Yasukuni Shrine.

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