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Nations vow regular exchanges

[2013-07-11 01:20]

Chinese and Russian naval forces on Wednesday pledged to jointly safeguard regional stability through closer and regular military exchanges.

Nigeria signs finance deals in Beijing

[2013-07-11 01:08]

China on Wednesday signed major financial agreements with Nigeria to give the most populous African nation a leg up in its rapid development.

Chinese, Nigerian presidents hold talks on ties

[2013-07-10 21:37]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday held talks with visiting Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan on strengthening bilateral partnership and China-Africa relations.

China issues timetable for govt info disclosure

[2013-07-10 13:14]

The State Council, China's Cabinet, Wednesday issued a timetable for disclosing government spending on receptions, vehicles and overseas trips, as well as information on probes into major accidents.

China speeds up cultivation of military engineers

[2013-07-10 12:13]

China's education and military authorities have jointly launched a program to step up the cultivation of future military engineers from selected university students, an official statement said Wednesday.

China, US hold cyberissues talks

[2013-07-10 08:52]

Chinese and US officials began talks on Monday as a prelude to the fifth round of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, touching on sensitive issues such as cybersecurity.

More laws introduced to toughen fight on corruption

[2013-07-10 08:18]

China will unveil more detailed regulations covering the daily activities of officials and public servants, and will continue to step up punishment for wrongdoers.

Leading officials urged to listen to public opinion

[2013-07-10 07:38]

The central government has urged officials nationwide to listen to and respect public opinion in an ongoing campaign to improve the Party's ties with the people.

Maritime authority to boost capabilities

[2013-07-10 07:32]

China's maritime authority is to boost its law enforcement capability with the allocation of some 16,300 marine police officers to safeguard maritime rights and interests.

Security in cyberspace 'still major problem'

[2013-07-10 00:34]

Cybersecurity remains a serious problem for China, with international cooperation to thwart online attacks becoming more difficult.

China bans fishing in waters east of DPRK

[2013-07-09 19:46]

Chinese fishermen have been told to stop fishing in the waters off the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s east coast because of a bilateral dispute over fuel supplies.

Maintaining integrity a challenge for CPC

[2013-07-09 19:31]

Successive graft cases show that the Communist Party of China (CPC) faces an task in ensuring the honesty and upright character of its members.

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