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World needs common development of China, India: Xi

[2013-03-28 13:34]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Wednesday that the world needs the common development of China and India and can provide sufficient room for the two neighbors' development.

China pledges to boost ties with Brazil

[2013-03-28 13:21]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday that boosting ties with Brazil is China's firm strategic choice.

Chinese, Egyptian leaders vow to deepen co-op

[2013-03-28 10:59]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Morsi agreed in Durban Wednesday to move forward their strategic cooperative relations.

Fugitive sent back to China from Japan

[2013-03-28 10:37]

A man suspected of swindling others has been arrested and sent back to China through the joint efforts of Japanese and Chinese police.

Incompetent local officials face removal

[2013-03-28 06:39]

A local Communist Party chief in Central China's Hunan province has been removed from his post after gambling during office hours, local authorities announced on Wednesday.

Chinese naval fleet patrols Meiji Reef

[2013-03-28 06:36]

A People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy fleet conducting patrol and training missions on the South China Sea patrolled the Meiji Reef, a fishing area and shelter for Chinese fishermen, on Wednesday.

Xi attends BRICS Leaders-Africa Dialogue Forum

[2013-03-28 02:05]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and leaders of the other major emerging economies met a group of African leaders in Durban, South Africa, Wednesday to discuss cooperation between the BRICS nations and Africa.

Meeting should boost relationships

[2013-03-28 00:54]

As incomes in emerging markets increase, Africans stand to benefit greatly from the continent's membership in the BRICS group, a financial analyst said.

Li vows quick action on reform

[2013-03-28 00:14]

Premier Li pledged that quick action will be taken in economic and social reforms in the first year following the national leadership transition.

Claim against Chinese navy 'a fabrication'

[2013-03-27 23:59]

Vietnam is guilty of a "sheer fabrication" in accusing a Chinese navy vessel of "firing" on Vietnamese boats that were illegally fishing off China's Xisha Islands last week, the Chinese navy said.

BRICS 'set to be global force'

[2013-03-27 23:49]

The Fifth BRICS Summit in Durban, South Africa, proves the group is developing into a global force able to tackle a range of economic and political issues.
BRICS summit ends in S. Africa
Development bank set to aid infrastructure
Xi attends BRICS Leaders-Africa Dialogue Forum
Xi sets out vision for bilateral ties Special

Premier Li specifies govt tasks for 2013

[2013-03-27 21:23]

A total of 48 key tasks in six categories were declared and distributed to corresponding departments at an executive cabinet meeting chaired by Premier Li.

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