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NW China's Qinghai province elects new governor

[2017-01-20 19:02]

Wang Jianjun was elected governor of Northwest China's Qinghai province Friday at the sixth session of the 12th Qinghai Provincial People's Congress.

Beijing elects first supervisory commission chief

[2017-01-20 17:18]

Zhang Shuofu was elected on Friday the first director of Beijing's supervisory commission at the fifth session of the 14th Beijing Municipal People's Congress, the city's legislature.

Bilingual app will help govt reach out

[2017-01-20 15:14]

The State Council, China's Cabinet, is set to launch an updated version of its app on Jan 20, offering government information in Chinese and English, with the English version providing an easier way for foreigners and returning Chinese to handle their affairs in China.

Cai Qi elected new Beijing mayor

[2017-01-20 13:37]

Acting Beijing mayor Cai Qi has been formally elected to the position during the the fifth session of the city's legislative body, the 14th Beijing Municipal People's Congress.

Cai Qi elected Beijing mayor

[2017-01-20 13:11]

Cai Qi was elected mayor of Beijing Friday at the fifth session of the 14th Beijing Municipal People's Congress, the local legislature.

Noncore functions shifted to suburbs

[2017-01-20 09:35]

Beijing planners will continue to unclutter the capital by shutting down or relocating businesses that do not serve a core function, according to the city's Government Work Report for 2017.

Air pollution and economy among issues addressed

[2017-01-20 08:17]

Departments and ministries under the State Council, China's Cabinet, have responded to a series of public concerns in the past week, including air pollution, economic operations in 2016 and occupational qualification licensing.

China to boost education for vulnerable groups

[2017-01-20 08:08]

Special education tops the agenda for two recently-approved regulations that also target improving disease prevention measures and rehabilitation services for the estimated 85 million people with disabilities in China.

Duterte expected to visit China again

[2017-01-20 07:48]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to visit China again and attend an international summit, after his state visit in October significantly improved China-Philippine ties.

China briefs foreign envoys on anti-graft work

[2017-01-20 07:43]

China's top anti-graft body on Thursday briefed more than 100 foreign envoys on its anti-corruption work, displaying the country's firm determination to eliminate corruption.

Xi's tour shows Chinese wisdom, confidence

[2017-01-20 06:58]

Xi's visit to Switzerland and his address at the WEF have shown the world Chinese wisdom and confidence in face of sluggish global economy and anti-globalization sentiment.

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