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China punishes 4,417 officials in frugality campaign

[2016-08-23 10:31]

The Communist Party of China's (CPC) top anti-graft body said Monday that 4,417 officials had been punished for violating austerity rules in July.

Rules detailed for social organizations

[2016-08-23 07:42]

Under the central government's new guidelines for social organizations that were released on Sunday, China will lower the threshold and simplify registration procedures for such groups, with the goal of promoting their "healthy and orderly" development.

Three-way meeting in Tokyo called 'a victory'

[2016-08-23 07:30]

The last-minute settlement of the schedule for the annual China-Japan-ROK Foreign Ministers' Meeting has been called "a victory" in light of new frictions that have arisen since the previous meeting in March 2015.

Li: Infrastructure boost planned to aid rural Jiangxi

[2016-08-23 02:13]

Premier Li Keqiang vows to further improve infrastructure in impoverished regions of Jiangxi province, where the Long March started nearly 82 years ago.

Premier Li vows to improve infrastructure for rural areas in southern Jiangxi

[2016-08-22 23:40]

Premier Li Keqiang vowed on Monday to further improve infrastructure such as highways and internet connections in impoverished regions of southern Jiangxi province, where the Long March started nearly 82 years ago.

Over 2,000 gov't regulators punished for environmental malpractice

[2016-08-22 17:04]

More than 2,000 officials from Party and government departments have been punished for malpractice related to environmental policy implementation.

Deputy Tianjin mayor under investigation

[2016-08-22 16:19]

Yin Hailin, deputy mayor of Tianjin municipality, is under investigation for alleged severe disciplinary violations, according to the anti-graft authority Monday.

Civil servants barred from heading social organizations

[2016-08-22 13:32]

In-service civil servants who head foundations or social service organizations should either resign from nongovernment organizations or from public service within six months, according to a guideline issued on social organizations on Sunday.

Xi Jinping bestows military honors

[2016-08-21 19:32]

In his role as chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping has signed orders to give honorary titles to two military units for their outstanding services.

Shanghai to allow expats over 60 to work

[2016-08-21 13:37]

Senior foreign executives in Shanghai who formerly were too old to apply can now apply for the "foreign expert certificates" to get legal residence.

G20 summit to listen to concerns of developing countries: Chinese ambassador

[2016-08-20 11:01]

The G20 summit to be held in China in early September will combine the concerns of developing countries with a focus on global development, Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia La Yifan said here on Friday.

Chinese official calls for speeding up capacity cuts

[2016-08-19 19:20]

A top Chinese official on Friday called for accelerating capacity reduction work in the steel and coal industries as progress remains slow in some regions.

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