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China spokespersons forum held in Shanghai

[2016-11-06 07:52]

Spokespersons from Chinese government departments and state-owned enterprises gathered in Shanghai on Saturday to attend the China Spokespersons Forum.

China to enhance supervision of police criminal investigations

[2016-11-06 07:43]

Chinese prosecutors will intensify supervision of police criminal investigations, according to a report Saturday.

Judicial transparency report shows verdict openness needs improvement

[2016-11-05 11:37]

Making achievements in judicial transparency, China's top judge asked courts at all levels to improve on standards of verdict openness, calling for legal analysis before the release of information.

Sri Lanka will firmly pursue the one-China policy

[2016-11-05 07:14]

Sri Lanka will continue its support for the one-China policy and push forward greater development of relations with China, a parliamentary leader and government officials said.

Diplomats hold positive view of CPC's future

[2016-11-05 07:12]

Foreign nations are maintaining a positive outlook for the Communist Party of China as it enters a new era with Chinese President Xi Jinping as the core leader and strict internal oversights, foreign officials said on Friday.

Procuratorates urged to respond to online appeals

[2016-11-04 16:32]

Official WeChat accounts of procuratorates should properly respond to users' tip-offs and appeals, said a guideline issued by the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) on Friday.

Former Chinese company head stands trial for corruption

[2016-11-04 16:21]

The former head of a state-owned company in south China's Guangdong Province went on trial for allegedly taking 570 million yuan (84 million U.S. dollars) in bribes and public property.

China to regulate online live streaming services

[2016-11-04 14:30]

Chinese authorities on Friday publicized a regulation about online live streaming services, ordering service providers and content releasers to obtain qualifications and act according to the rules.

Plenary session offers glimpse into CPC's inner workings

[2016-11-04 11:01]

The biggest political party in the world by membership, the ruling party of the world's most populous country, and the architect for one of the fastest growing economies over the past three decades: the Communist Party of China (CPC) is all these and more.

Information sharing key to capturing corrupt officials

[2016-11-04 08:13]

Information sharing has played a key role in bringing back corrupt officials who fled abroad to avoid trial, Ding Guping, director of the anti-corruption bureau at the Shanghai People's Procuratorate, said on Thursday.

Geographic info sharing to expand

[2016-11-04 08:13]

China plans to expand its geographic information services through wider cooperation with major countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, allowing it to play a larger role in the global market, the national mapping authority said on Thursday.

Capital's courts resolved 310,263 disputes in two years

[2016-11-03 16:51]

Beijing's courts have issued judgments in 310,263 disputes over the past two years, it was revealed on Thursday.

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