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China calls for diplomatic solution to Syrian crisis

[2013-10-31 09:35]

A political settlement is the only way out of the Syrian crisis, and efforts must be made at the Syrian domestic, regional and international levels, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

Chinese, Russian officials pledge to lift bilateral military cooperation

[2013-10-31 04:19]

Senior Chinese and Russian officials pledged Wednesday to lift the level of bilateral military cooperation.

China regulates officials working in enterprises

[2013-10-31 04:19]

China on Wednesday issued rules to regulate incumbent and retired officials working in various establishments in order to root out irregularities and prevent corruption.

Xi urges better housing security

[2013-10-31 04:19]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed the need to accelerate the country's housing security and supply to guarantee people's basic residential needs.

Premier urges improved social aid via legislation

[2013-10-31 04:19]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday called for improved social assistance via legislation, as part of efforts to help people in strained circumstance, according to a cabinet statement.

Tian'anmen jeep crash a terror attack

[2013-10-31 00:58]

Terrorist attacks carried out by extremists from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have spread outside the region and become more difficult to prevent, experts said on Wednesday.

Chinese cities victim of US spying scheme

[2013-10-31 00:42]

China will beef up its security following a report that the massive US National Security Agency surveillance of world leaders and civilians has spread into major Chinese cities, a FM spokeswoman said.

Legislation speeded up to reduce pollution

[2013-10-30 23:59]

China plans to speed up the introduction of legislation related to environmental protection and resource management amid public concern over pollution.

Govt pledges more affordable housing

[2013-10-30 23:48]

Chinese top leaders have vowed to improve people's livelihoods by building more affordable housing and speeding up legislation for social relief work.

China urges end of US embargo on Cuba

[2013-10-30 21:47]

China on Wednesday urged the United States to end its long-running economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba after the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution urging for it to be terminated.

Xi meets Iran's parliamentary speaker

[2013-10-30 21:43]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met with Iran's Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani in Beijing, vowing to jointly push forward friendly cooperation in multiple areas.

China to discuss 68 bills in next 5 years

[2013-10-30 21:41]

China's top legislature plans to discuss 68 bills in the next five years, 11 of which are related to environmental issues.

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