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Xinjiang violence reaction across Chinese media

[2013-07-02 10:17]

The terrorists can not represent any ethic group or any religious group. They have betrayed their country as well as their ethnic group.

Chinese fleet departs for Sino-Russian drills

[2013-07-02 09:09]

A Chinese fleet consisting of seven naval vessels departed from east China's harbor city of Qingdao on Monday to participate in Sino-Russian joint naval drills scheduled for July 5 to 12.

China reiterates stance on nuclear security

[2013-07-02 06:49]

China reiterated on Monday the great importance it attaches to nuclear security, saying it has earnestly performed its international obligations.

China urges DPRK talks

[2013-07-02 03:28]

China encouraged the DPRK to return to talks about ending its nuclear program and assured the US that it is committed to the nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula.

Tokyo warned not to resort to 'empty talk'

[2013-07-02 02:49]

Beijing on Monday urged Tokyo not to engage in empty talk about "dialogue" and to stop infringing on China's territorial sovereignty.

China handles Philippine drug convict by law

[2013-07-01 23:42]

Chinese judicial authorities made a fair judgement on the drug-trafficking case of a Philippine woman, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Monday.

Chinese calls for new type of Sino-US ties

[2013-07-01 22:17]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Monday that China and the United States should build a new type of great power relations in an active and comprehensive manner.

China vows to continue fight against terrorism

[2013-07-01 21:27]

A foreign ministry spokeswoman said China is firmly opposed to terrorism and will work with other countries to step up cooperation in cracking down on terrorist organizations.

Commentary: Zero tolerance to terrorist crimes

[2013-07-01 20:06]

The violent terrorist attacks that occurred in China's far western region of Xinjiang last week have shocked people in and outside China.

Abe must take action to improve China-Japan ties

[2013-07-01 19:46]

A Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Monday urged Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to take action in order to improve Sino-Japanese ties.

Fleet patrols waters near Diaoyu Islands

[2013-07-01 17:16]

The Chinese marine surveillance fleet — Haijian 51, 23, 49 and 5001 — is patrolling waters near the Diaoyu Islands on Monday, according to a statement released by the State Oceanic Administration.

Vietnamese scholar lauds CPC's mass line campaign

[2013-07-01 13:55]

The mass line campaign launched by the Communist Party of China (CPC) led by its General Secretary Xi Jinping is of significance in the current situation in China and elsewhere in the world, as it will help establish the policies of democracy and change the work style of officials and party members.

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