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Former PM looks to closer China-Japan ties

[2013-10-27 12:21]

China and Japan should help each other and cooperate in a variety of fields to enhance mutual trust and improve strained bilateral ties.

Former banker: Trade can break the China-Japan status quo

[2013-10-27 11:44]

Economic ties can play a leading role in reshaping strained China-Japan relations, according to Toshiro Muto, former deputy governor of the Bank of Japan.

Diplomat: China and Japan on same side

[2013-10-27 11:28]

Kazuo Ogura, advisor to the Japan International Exchange Foundation, called for Japan and China to join hands together to outline a blueprint for Asia at the Beijing-Tokyo Forum in Beijing.

Forum provides venue to mend ties

[2013-10-27 08:10]

The Beijing-Tokyo Forum in Tokyo in the summer of 2006 was where Shinzo Abe sent a positive signal to China before his first term as Japanese prime minister. Frequent visits to the Yasukuni Shrine by Abe's predecessor, Junichiro Koizumi, had chilled Sino-Japanese relations during Koizumi's tenure.

Military tension around Diaoyu Islands overstated, experts say

[2013-10-27 08:10]

The security situation around the Diaoyu Islands is actually "not as serious" as the media make it out to be, veteran officers and defense-studies scholars from China and Japan said on Saturday in Beijing.

Media rethink their role

[2013-10-27 08:10]

Chinese and Japanese media have urged both countries to be prudent and comprehensive when reporting bilateral issues to prevent misunderstandings.

Improved political relations must precede economic deals

[2013-10-27 08:10]

Chinese economists on Saturday urged the Japanese government to improve political ties with China as a prerequisite for boosting economic cooperation.

Aiming for the win-win

[2013-10-27 08:08]

Both nations can move forward to seek common ground and overcome differences, Beijing-Tokyo Forum participants say

China supports upgrade of FTA

[2013-10-27 08:08]

China supports the leadership role of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in East Asia cooperation and regional economic integration.

China underscores commitment to upgrading FTA with ASEAN

[2013-10-27 01:13]

Premier Li Keqiang on Friday underlined the country's commitment to upgrading free trade area with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Chinese drone training in line with international law, practice

[2013-10-27 01:07]

China said that the training and flight of its military aircraft, including drones, over relevant areas of the East China Sea are in line with intl law and practice.

Auditors vow to promote good governance in Beijing Declaration

[2013-10-27 01:07]

The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) on Saturday passed the Beijing Declaration, which stresses good governance through supreme audit institutions.

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