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China makes proposals on Ukraine crisis

[2014-03-16 03:44]

China on Saturday made a three-point proposal on seeking a political solution to the ongoing Ukraine crisis, stressing that the key to resolving the crisis is to settle differences through dialogue and negotiations.

Xi stresses building of strong army

[2014-03-15 15:45]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday stressed the country's military reform should be guided by the objective of building a strong army.

Govt reception fees halved amid frugality campaign

[2014-03-15 15:41]

Reception expenses at Chinese central government organs were cut by about 50 percent following a set of anti-bureaucracy and formalism guidelines introduced more than one year ago.

Former Hubei political advisor under probe

[2014-03-14 21:15]

The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) announced Friday that a senior official in Central China's Hubei province has been placed under criminal investigation.

CPC graft watchdog establishes new offices

[2014-03-17 13:58]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) graft watchdog has established three new offices to handle discipline inspections and oversight of discipline officers.

Judicial reformers weigh their options

[2014-03-17 03:16]

With China set to issue long-awaited outline of court system overhaul, NPC deputies are working to pinpoint priorities and implementation measures.

China unveils urbanization plan for 2014-2020

[2014-03-16 20:35]

Urbanization is the road that China must take in its modernization drive, and it serves as a strong engine for sustainable and healthy economic growth.

Stronger police presence urged in wake of recent knife attacks

[2014-03-17 03:16]

Recent knife attacks have authorities calling for more security on the streets and better emergency procedures to help victims.

Chinese president to attend nuclear summit, visit Europe

[2014-03-14 16:52]

Chinese President Xi Jinping is to attend the Nuclear Security Summit to be held in The Hague, the Netherlands, from March 24 to 25.

Xi calls for closer ties with Saudi Arabia

[2014-03-14 03:06]

China and Saudi Arabia — Beijing's biggest foreign source of crude oil — promised on Thursday to forge a stronger relationship and expand their cooperation beyond the traditional field of energy.

China blasts US comments on South China Sea reef

[2014-03-14 00:53]

China on Thursday accused the United States of making misleading comments on a disputed South China Sea reef.

Job creation is main focus of stimulus, Li says

[2014-03-13 22:07]

Premier Li Keqiang said employment was his primary concern when considering whether or not to roll out stimulus measures.

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