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Liu Yunshan calls for better ties with EU

[2013-04-22 21:21]

Liu Yunshan (C), a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, poses for a photo with participants of the Fourth China-Europe High-level Political Parties Forum in Suzhou, East China’s Jiangsu province, April 22, 2013. Liu Yunshan said at the opening ceremony that CPC is willing to establish closer relations with European political parties and promote win-win cooperation for the two sides. [Photo by Xu Jingxing/Asianewsphoto] 

Six called out for misuse of govt vehicles

[2013-04-22 20:46]

Six people were named in a criticism notice after they were investigated for using government cars for private purposes in Guangzhou last month.

Officials with $16m in properties investigated

[2013-04-22 20:46]

Guangdong provincial capital authorities have set up special task forces to investigate two yiyuan cunguan, or the village officials whose properties were reported to reach more than 100 million yuan ($16 million) in value.

China protests Japanese leaders' shrine-worshipping

[2013-04-22 20:40]

China has lodged solemn representations to Japan over visits to the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine by Japanese leaders, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Monday.

Chinese president appoints 5 new ambassadors

[2013-04-22 19:36]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed Huang Xingyuan as the new ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.

Senior Chinese, US military officers hold talks

[2013-04-22 19:28]

Senior generals of China and the United States met in Beijing on Monday to discuss bilateral military relations and issues of common concern.

Premier: Rescue every person

[2013-04-22 06:48]

Premier Li Keqiang climbed onto a heap of debris to view the disaster area after arriving in Lushan county, Sichuan province, where he expressed condolences to victims and survivors of Saturday's devastating magnitude-7 earthquake.

Chinese army officials to go to grassroots

[2013-04-22 06:07]

The General Political Department of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has issued a circular ordering high-level cadres to work in company-level units briefly to gather grassroots experience.

Central government requires orderly quake rescue

[2013-04-22 06:03]

The State Council General Office has urged relevant authorities and rescue forces to carry out the quake relief work in an orderly manner.

Chinese soldiers clear mines, win hearts

[2013-04-22 02:49]

For the past nine months, Chen has led an engineering battalion sent by China to demine the Lebanese border with Israel, where thousands of landmines were left after the conflict between those countries in 2006.

China hits back with report on US human rights record

[2013-04-21 10:35]

China on Sunday retorted the US criticism and distortions of its human rights situation by publishing a report of the US human rights record.
Full Text of Human Rights Record of the US in 2012

Hollande voices solidarity with Chinese people

[2013-04-21 03:52]

French President Francois Hollande expressed Saturday wholehearted solidarity to the Chinese people and the government after a devastating earthquake hit China's Sichuan province.

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