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Draft law to widen lawsuits scope

[2014-04-22 03:26]

More social organizations would be entitled to file lawsuits against accused polluters if the latest draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law is adopted by the top legislature this week.

China, US expand consensus on Korean Peninsula denuclearization

[2014-04-21 21:28]

China and the United States have expanded their consensus on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and narrowed their differences, a Chinese spokesman said on Monday.

China eyes transparency in budget law revision

[2014-04-21 21:27]

A draft revision to China's budget law, tabled for the third reading at a bimonthly session of China's top legislature on Monday.

Wild animal eaters might face jail time

[2014-04-21 21:27]

A draft interpretation of China's Criminal Law, tabled for reading on Monday, aims to clear up ambiguities by clearly defining eating endangered wild animals, or buying them for this or other purposes, as illegal.

Seizure of Japanese ship unrelated to wartime compensation: FM

[2014-04-21 21:01]

China's seizure of a Japanese ship was solely for delayed rent and losses owed to a Chinese firm and was unrelated to wartime compensation, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said on Monday.

China condemns Japanese PM's war-linked shrine offering

[2014-04-21 20:24]

China has lodged representations over the offering made Monday by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the war-linked Yasukuni Shrine, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Top legislature reviews waterways law

[2014-04-21 19:11]

China's top legislature is scheduled to review a draft law on protecting and making full use of the country's limited waterways this week.

Naval chief won't meet Japanese officials

[2014-04-21 07:36]

Japanese warships have not been invited to the joint maritime exercise to mark the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the PLA navy.

Frugal policy slows catering industry to 20-year low

[2014-04-21 04:32]

China's catering industry registered its slowest growth in 20 years in 2013 as the country's anti-corruption campaign targeting official excess took its toll on high-end businesses, an industry report shows.

Beijing asks Tokyo to explain new radar base

[2014-04-21 03:53]

Beijing has called on Tokyo to explain what its intentions are in building a military radar station at the western end of its island chain, just 150 km from China's Diaoyu Islands.

Senior CPC leader stresses supervision in mass-line campaign

[2014-04-20 22:02]

A senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has urged governments to invite public supervision and to let the people speak the truth amid the Party's ongoing "mass-line" campaign.

Chinese court detains Japanese boat over unpaid damages

[2014-04-20 21:56]

A maritime court in Shanghai detained a Japanese ship on Saturday following a court verdict that ordered the ship's owner to pay delayed rent and losses to a Chinese firm, the court said on Sunday.

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