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Xi extends festival greetings to armed forces

[2013-02-06 18:37]

Chinese leader Xi Jinping visited troops stationed in the northwest ahead of the Spring Festival, extending greetings and stressing frugality in the army.

Frugality drive gets popular support

[2013-02-06 16:01]

The Chinese public is starting to take notice of efforts to fight corruption, as government leaders have sworn to ditch extravagance and uphold frugality.

China bans 'gift giving' ads for anti-corruption

[2013-02-06 14:28]

China's TV watchdog on Tuesday ordered all radio and TV channels to cut advertisements suggesting "gift giving."

Province suspends forced labor camps

[2013-02-06 14:05]

The controversial re-education through labor system, laojiao, has been suspended in Southwest China's Yunnan province.

Chinese experts slam US hacking accusations

[2013-02-06 03:36]

Chinese experts on Tuesday refuted latest accusations from the US side linking Chinese authorities to alleged hacking activities.

Officials' integrity vital: Xi

[2013-02-06 02:33]

A down-to-earth attitude, a good work ethic and an ability to stay away from empty gestures are required for officials, top leader Xi Jinping said during a visit to Gansu province.

Index to ensure safety, reduce pollution

[2013-02-06 02:33]

Beijing weather authorities issued a firework index for the first time on Tuesday to ensure safety and reduce pollution, as sales of fireworks for Spring Festival started at 1,337 certified stores citywide.

China, Malaysia launch joint industrial park

[2013-02-06 00:58]

China and Malaysia launched a second joint industrial park on Tuesday, elevating economic ties to a new high.

China transfers embezzlement suspect to ROK

[2013-02-05 22:38]

Chinese police on Tuesday transferred an embezzlement suspect of Republic of Korea (ROK) nationality to ROK authorities in Shenyang, capital of northeast China's Liaoning Province.

China willing help Myanmar peace talks

[2013-02-05 21:11]

China will continue to play a constructive role in peace talks between the Myanmar government and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Guangdong official said to own 192 houses

[2013-02-05 17:17]

A multi-millionaire in Guangdong province said that a local public security official allegedly owns at least 192 houses and used fake identities.

Mysterious micro-blogger prompts speculation

[2013-02-05 17:17]

The identity of the netizen behind a micro blog that documents the movements of the Party's top leader Xi Jinping has become the subject of wide public speculation.

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