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Tibetan lamas write thank-you letter to Xi Jinping

[2013-03-09 16:49]

Xi Jinping on Saturday expressed his best wishes to Tibetans after receiving a three-meter-long thank-you letter from 108 Tibetan lamas.

Xi to attend BRICS summit in S Africa

[2013-03-09 12:13]

China's new president will attend the fifth leaders' summit of BRICS countries in South Africa, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said here Saturday.

Yang talks about foreign policy

[2013-03-09 10:13]

Yang talks about foreign policy

Closer scrutiny for education spending

[2013-03-09 07:41]

The central government will keep spending on education at current levels while stepping up monitoring of how money is used, according to top government officials.

Laws on key issues to be amended

[2013-03-09 07:41]

Experts believe this year's National People's Congress legislative plan, which includes a list of issues attracting widespread public concern, can bring legislative work closer to social progress.

Favorable signs for Doha talks

[2013-03-09 03:32]

China is committed to pushing forward the Doha round of talks in response to what it sees as recent positive signs that may lead to progress in the global trade talks around the end of this year, the minister of commerce said on Friday.

Beijing renews calls for calm on peninsula

[2013-03-09 03:32]

China on Friday called for calm and restraint on the Korean Peninsula, as analysts said the risk of a flashpoint is increasing.

Chinese fleet patrols South China Sea

[2013-03-09 00:48]

A marine surveillance fleet departed from Sanya in south China's Hainan Province Friday afternoon for regular patrols in the South China Sea.

Wearing translator's hat a big role

[2013-03-08 07:34]

The plenary session provides seven languages, including Tibetan and Korean, to deputies who have difficulties understanding Mandarin.

Official: Pension fund not in the red

[2013-03-08 07:29]

A top social security official confirmed on Thursday there is no shortfall in the country's pensions for enterprise retirees.

Women try to hold up half the political sky

[2013-03-08 07:06]

Despite inroads made into limelight in the country's political life, females still have a long journey to go until gender parity is realized in the elite political sphere that is traditionally a male preserve.

Female deputies set sights on their new role in NPC

[2013-03-08 02:19]

Wearing short hair and wrapped in an army suit, her face beaten by the sun, Wen Min expresses her feminine side through her soft voice and dimples as she smiles.

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