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China targets judicial corruption in commutation

[2014-02-24 17:10]

Chinese authorities have vowed to deter judicial corruption in commutation of sentences and probation following a string of convicts who bribed their way out of prisons.

China sacks vice police chief under investigation

[2014-02-24 14:06]

Li Dongsheng, former vice minister of public security, has been formally removed from office, according to an announcement by the State Council.

Backgrounder: Two Sessions

[2014-02-24 12:54]

Background and numbers about the annual "two sessions"

A 'two sessions' primer

[2014-02-24 08:04]

The "Two Sessions" is shorthand for the annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Premier Li's anti-graft speech published

[2014-02-24 10:35]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stressed that all government income and spending records must be included in the budget management.

US political drama tells much about us

[2014-02-24 03:30]

House of Cards holds up a mirror to Chinese officials on how human weaknesses such as greed and self-centeredness can send them over the cliff.

Hospitals aim to prescribe more security

[2014-02-24 03:30]

A number of security measures, including a permanent police presence, will be introduced in major hospitals after a rising spate of vicious attacks against medical workers.

Think tank examines South China Sea

[2014-02-24 03:30]

China is building a national think tank on South China Sea research to boost the country's maritime power strategy and deal with looming maritime disputes.

China continues Diaoyu Islands patrol

[2014-02-23 22:16]

Three China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels conducted a regular patrol in the territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands on Sunday.

China urges US to correct mistakes on Tibet

[2014-02-23 01:37]

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang on Saturday evening urged the United States to correct its mistakes after President Barack Obama met with the Dalai Lama.

Japan releases Chinese fishing boat

[2014-02-22 21:17]

A Chinese fishing boat detained by Japan was released along with all crew on board after finishing procedures on Saturday.

US, China armies to establish institutional dialogue

[2014-02-22 19:31]

The United States is working with China to establish institutional dialogue between their two armies, Ray Odierno, the US Army chief of staff, said here Saturday.

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