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Improvements on way, Li tells shantytown

[2016-01-05 07:17]

Li Fanyu, 78, a resident of Xinghualing district in Taiyuan, never expected that she would meet China's premier in her humble home.

China condemns attack on Indian air force base

[2016-01-04 19:37]

China on Monday condemned an attack on an Indian air force base and called on India and Pakistan to continue to improve ties.

Premier Li encourages steel workers' 'stainless' spirit

[2016-01-04 18:35]

Premier Li Keqiang visited Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Corp (TISCO) in Taiyuan, Shanxi province on Jan 4.

29,000 officials punished in CPC's 2015 frugality campaign

[2016-01-04 13:25]

The Communist Party of China (CPC)'s top anti-graft body on Monday said some 29,000 officials were reprimanded for violating austerity rules in the first 11 months of 2015, bringing the total number of those punished since late 2012 to more than 130,000.

'2nd aircraft carrier to have military focus'

[2016-01-04 07:45]

China's second aircraft carrier, which is now under construction, will focus on military operations rather than training and technological experiments, according to a senior military researcher.

Govt mulls making retirees pay health insurance

[2016-01-04 07:39]

China is studying the possibility of introducing medical insurance fees for retirees, a move that has split expert and public opinion.

Readers digest Xi's bookshelf

[2016-01-04 07:33]

From modern literature to history and international politics-President Xi Jinping may have inspired Chinese readers to turn a new leaf after his "reading list" went viral online over the weekend.

PLA 'needs to boost its readiness'

[2016-01-04 07:00]

The People's Liberation Army will need to make significant changes following a historic reshuffle of its branches, according to experts.

Hanoi protest over test flight rejected

[2016-01-04 06:54]

China has dismissed a protest by Vietnam after a Chinese civilian aircraft landed on one of the Nansha Islands, saying that the operation was carried out within Chinese sovereignty.

China punishes 270 court officials in three years

[2016-01-03 21:21]

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) said on Sunday that 270 court officials have been punished for violating the Party code of conduct in the past three years.

China steps up crackdown on food and drug safety crimes

[2016-01-03 10:05]

Chinese authorities have recently unveiled measures to facilitate coordination between administrative and judicial organs in handling food and drug safety cases.

Structural reform to power China's stable growth: Finance minister

[2016-01-03 08:55]

The supply-side structural reform to improve all-factor productivity will help China gather future growth steam, according to the country's finance minister.

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