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China, Israel boost cooperation

[2013-05-09 02:20]

China and Israel on Wednesday vowed to join their respective advantages in markets and technology to create a bright future.
Xi calls for Middle East talks
China playing bigger role in Middle East

Maritime law enforcement to double air patrols

[2013-05-09 01:28]

China intends to double its offshore air patrols by 2015, according to a government report released on Wednesday.

Chinese, Mongolian officials look to build ties

[2013-05-09 01:20]

Visiting Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi discussed strengthening cooperation in various fields with Mongolian Deputy Prime Minister Dendev Terbishdagva Wednesday.

Pentagon report deviates from building trust

[2013-05-09 01:16]

A Pentagon report that misrepresents China's military development is a deviation from the track of building strong and normal relations between the United States and China.

Li meets Israel PM, urging cooperation

[2013-05-09 00:46]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday underscored the country's commitment to seek stronger cooperation with Israel and boost the Middle East peace process.

China opposes US report on military development

[2013-05-09 00:28]

The Chinese Defense Ministry's spokesman expressed "strong dissatisfaction with" and "firm opposition to" a Pentagon report on China's military development.

Abbas, Netanyahu visits reveal China's refocused diplomacy

[2013-05-09 00:20]

With Palestine and Israel's top leaders on almost concurrent visits to China this week, analysts have highlighted a trend under which China is increasingly taking a more active stance in diplomacy.

China reiterates sovereignty over Diaoyu Islands

[2013-05-09 00:09]

Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islets are part of China's inherent territory and have never been part of Liuqiu or Okinawa.

China seeks to ease tensions on Korean Peninsula

[2013-05-09 00:05]

China has maintained close contact and consultation with relevant sides in order to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula and realize its peace and stability.

Urban-dwellers note improved work habits of CPC

[2013-05-08 21:23]

A recent poll of 3,000 urban residents across the Chinese mainland shows that the public sees an improvement in the working style of the Party.

China plays greater role in Mideast

[2013-05-08 16:27]

The fact that the Palestinian and Israeli leaders for the first time paid successive visits to China has drawn worldwide notice.

Detention of petitioners denounced

[2013-05-08 02:55]

Officials with China's top anti-graft authority expressed firm opposition to the detention of petitioners.

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