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Greater CPPCC efficiency sought

[2014-09-22 08:25]

China's top leaders have vowed to encourage developing diversified channels to improve socialist consultative democracy to keep pace with social development.

Shanxi official calls for stronger anti-graft efforts

[2014-09-22 08:25]

Shanxi province's newly appointed organization department head has declared that the coal-rich province "must launch a resolute fight against corruption" as the shake-up of top levels of government continues to resonate through the country.

Flotilla makes first visit to Iranian port

[2014-09-22 08:17]

A Chinese flotilla docked in an Iranian port for the first time as both China and Iran pledged to strengthen naval ties.

Deputy head of Henan provincial legislature under investigation

[2014-09-21 20:02]

Qin Yuhai, deputy head of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress of Central China's Henan province, is under probe for suspected "serious law and discipline violations," the Communist Party of China (CPC)'s disciplinary watchdog said on Sunday.

88 nailed in China's int'l manhunt for fugitives

[2014-09-21 07:18]

Chinese police have seized 88 suspects in an international manhunt since July which targets corrupt officials and suspects in economic crimes that have fled the county

Yuan resigns as head of scandal-plagued Shanxi legislature

[2014-09-20 20:54]

The standing committee of the Shanxi provincial People's Congress decided Saturday to accept Yuan Chunqing's resignation as its director.

Peng wows nation with chic, charm

[2014-09-20 08:04]

Accompanying her husband, President Xi Jinping, on a three-day visit to India, Peng Liyuan has left India's media singing her praises for sartorial elegance, calligraphy and, her forte, singing.

Li seeks to smooth application process to obtain green cards

[2014-09-20 03:45]

A plan to make it easier for foreigners to obtain a Chinese green card is to be considered by the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone as part of trailblazing reform efforts to further open up and attract global talent.

China approves plan to combat climate change

[2014-09-19 15:42]

The Chinese central government approves a plan that maps out major climate change goals to be accomplished by 2020.

Admiral: US flights should stop

[2014-09-19 07:05]

Wu Shengli, a senior military officer has reiterated that frequent close-in reconnaissance by the United States should stop.

Top advisor visits CPPCC exhibition and show

[2014-09-18 21:14]

Top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng visited the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Culture and History Museum in Beijing on Thursday.

China backs India, Pakistan SCO membership

[2014-09-18 20:26]

China backs India and Pakistan becoming members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as the group has agreed to expand its membership, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

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