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China to restructure National Energy Administration

[2013-03-10 08:53]

China plans to restructure National Energy Administration in order to streamline administrative and regulatory system of the energy sector, according to a report to be delivered by State Councilor Ma Kai to the parliament's annual session on Sunday.

China to dismantle Railway Ministry

[2013-03-10 08:50]

China plans to dismantle the Ministry of Railways into administrative and commercial arms, according to a report to be delivered by State Councilor Ma Kai to the annual session of the country's top legislature on Sunday.

China rolls out plan to transform govt functions

[2013-03-10 08:44]

The State Council plans to transform government functions at ministerial level to reduce administrative intervention in the market and social issues.
China unveils cabinet reshuffle plan

People focus

[2013-03-10 08:29]

All eyes are on China as the country holds its most important political event of the year.

Foreign reporters flaunt their Mandarin skills

[2013-03-10 08:04]

Caroline Puel, French magazine Le Point correspondent in Beijing, was surprised twice on Saturday at the press conference with China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi.

Workload overwhelms police, deputy says

[2013-03-10 07:53]

Police officers around China are under enormous pressure from a growing caseload, including crowd incidents, because the force is under staffed, a deputy to the National People's Congress from Jiangxi province said on Sunday.

Grain production climbing toward record

[2013-03-10 07:53]

China's grain output is likely to hit a record high this year and bring a 10th consecutive year of growth, as the nation steps up efforts to boost agricultural technology and infrastructure, a senior official said.

Controversial penalty in review

[2013-03-10 07:35]

Government agencies have been tasked with looking into the reform of laojiao, the process of re-education through labor, and the findings may soon be released.

China calls for cyber rules

[2013-03-10 07:31]

Foreign Minister has rejected accusations that the Chinese government and military are behind cyber attacks on Western websites, calling for "rules and cooperation", instead of a cyber "war".

China marine surveillance detachment stationed in Sansha City

[2013-03-10 02:05]

A China Marine Surveillance (CMS) detachment was officially stationed in the nation's southernmost city of Sansha on Saturday.

China-Arab ties make progress despite regional changes

[2013-03-10 02:05]

The relations between China and the Arab world have made further progress amidst political changes of some countries in West Asia and North Africa, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said Saturday.

China's new president to visit Russia, Africa

[2013-03-09 17:16]

China's new president will pay his maiden state visits to Russia, Tanzania, South Africa and the Republic of Congo and attend the fifth leaders' summit of BRICS countries in Durban.

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