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China welcomes adoption of Security Council resolution on Syria

[2013-09-28 16:08]

China has welcomed the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution on Syria, saying it reflected the unity of the council.

Chinese FM urges dialogue on nuclear issues

[2013-09-28 15:46]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday called for peaceful solutions through dialogue to the nuclear issues in Iran and on the Korean Peninsula.

Speech restrictions denied amid rumor crackdown

[2013-09-28 15:35]

The State Internet Information Office (SIIO) on Saturday denied that the recent crackdown on online rumor mongers is meant to rein in public opinion.

Guideline doesn’t curb online speech, experts say

[2013-09-28 07:04]

The main targets of a judicial interpretation to fight online rumors are those fabricating and releasing false information and not Web users who forward it, legal experts say.

China calls for greater voice of developing countries

[2013-09-28 06:41]

China on Friday called for greater representation and voice of developing countries in the global governance system, and pledged to promote the trend toward a multi-polar world.

China to advance sustainable development

[2013-09-28 06:25]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Friday that China will remain committed to reform, opening up and sustainable development.

China to firmly fulfill intl obligations

[2013-09-28 06:25]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated here Friday that China will firmly fulfill its due international responsibilities and obligations.

China to stick to peaceful development

[2013-09-28 06:20]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday reaffirmed China's commitment to pursuing peaceful development, dispersing concerns that a stronger and more prosperous China might seek hegemony.
China to firmly fulfill intl obligations
China to advance sustainable development
Greater voice of developing countries

China, India relations warm following series of economic meetings

[2013-09-28 00:19]

China and India kicked off a series of meetings this week in Beijing to pave the way for a possible reciprocal visit by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

China reaffirms stance on UNSC reform

[2013-09-27 21:45]

A Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday stressed that China's stance on the reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) remains unchanged.

China, Australia should push forward strategic partnership: Xi

[2013-09-27 21:17]

Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of maintaining and developing the China-Australia strategic partnership in a telephone call with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Friday.

Japan must seek East China Sea peace: China

[2013-09-27 20:00]

China on Friday responded to comments by Japan's prime minister on naval conflict by urging Japan to seek peace and stability in the East China Sea.

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