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HK universal suffrage sure to be achieved: paper

[2014-06-10 13:57]

The goal of universal suffrage for selecting the chief executive and forming the Legislative Council of Hong Kong is sure to be reached, a white paper said Tuesday.

Central govt oversees HK's high degree of autonomy

[2014-06-10 13:33]

Although the system of special administrative region allows Hong Kong to enjoy a high degree of autonomy, the central government has the power of oversight over it, according to a white paper issued on Tuesday.

Paper urges to safeguard Constitution, HK basic law

[2014-06-10 13:31]

The authority of China's Constitution and the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) must be firmly safeguarded, a white paper said Tuesday.

Beijing, New Delhi aim to strengthen partnership

[2014-06-10 09:50]

The development and revitalization of China and India is an inevitable historical trend, which is also conducive to a more peaceful, harmonious and balanced world,Wang Yi said.

Nation ratchets up anti-graft efforts

[2014-06-10 07:28]

Regulations tightened on retired officials who take company posts

Xi: Scientific innovation key to development

[2014-06-10 07:28]

President Xi Jinping encouraged scientists in China on Monday to rely on innovation to achieve major breakthroughs in key technologies and serve the country's development.

Inspectors to ensure policies enforced

[2014-06-10 07:28]

The central government plans to initiate an overall inspection to ensure that the policies made by central authorities are effectively implemented, a senior official said on Monday.

Construction plan for island an 'issue within Chinese sovereignty'

[2014-06-10 07:28]

China's reported construction plan on an island in the South China Sea is totally an issue within Chinese sovereignty, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday.

Retired officials under probes since 2013

[2014-06-10 07:28]

Guo Yongxiang, 64, former vice-governor of Sichuan province

China sends note to UN chief

[2014-06-10 07:05]

China presents documents to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, showing Vietnam's provocation and China's stance regarding the Xisha Islands.

Xi insists independent innovation in science, technology

[2014-06-09 21:23]

President Xi Jinping on Monday stressed that the direction of China's science and technology development is "innovation, innovation and innovation."

Guiyang vice mayor under investigation

[2014-06-09 19:37]

A vice mayor of Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, is being investigated for "serious discipline violations", the provincial discipline watchdog said Monday.

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