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Ministry plans tougher emission permit system to curb pollution

[2015-12-04 18:53]

The Ministry of Environmental Protection is set to enhance China's pollutant emission permit mechanism as part of the country's effort to achieve clean air and safe water.

138,867 officials punished in 3-year frugality campaign

[2015-12-04 15:07]

Three years have past since the austerity codes took effect. As of the end of October, some 104,900 violations have been reported nationwide and over 138,800 officials were subject to disciplinary action.

Gray-haired Shanghai expands old-age subsidies

[2015-12-04 11:20]

Shanghai, which has one of the most rapidly aging populations of any Chinese city, will expand its old-age subsidy next year to cover 2.7 million citizens above 65.

China to strengthen supervision over Internet news reproduction

[2015-12-04 11:12]

China will strengthen its supervision and law enforcement on news reproduction on the Internet, said an official of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) on Thursday.

China urges sensible policing of disabled people

[2015-12-04 10:44]

China has urged its police forces to show restraint when investigating disabled people.

Polluters to compensate Chinese government

[2015-12-04 10:44]

China is planning to allow the government to claim compensation from polluting enterprises and individuals.

Former Chinese university admission official on trial for bribe-taking

[2015-12-04 10:43]

A former admissions official at a prestigious Chinese university confessed to taking a huge amount of bribes during trial on Thursday.

China investing heavily in Tibet education subsidy

[2015-12-04 10:53]

China has spent more than 8 billion yuan ($1.25 billion) subsidizing farmers' children in Tibet to attend boarding schools since introducing the policy three decades ago, the regional education department said Thursday.

China targets more efficient generic drugs production

[2015-12-04 10:37]

Chinese political advisors on Thursday suggested cutting red tape to encourage domestic development of generic drugs but also establishing tougher standards to assess their quality.

Tibetan political advisor hails Tibet's economic growth

[2015-12-04 10:01]

A Tibetan political advisor on Thursday hailed the economic achievement of China's Tibet Autonomous Region and the improved living standards of Tibetans.

Former Yunnan official sentenced for taking bribes

[2015-12-03 14:57]

Shen Peiping, former vice governor of Yunnan Province, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for accepting bribes worth around 16 million yuan (2.5 million U.S. dollars), a Beijing court announced Thursday a guilty verdict.

Courts accepting more cases after clearance quota removal

[2015-12-03 11:07]

Courts pursuing official targets for annual case closures were always disinclined to accept cases they had little chance of processing in the home stretch of each year. With the targets abolished and courts instead encouraged to pursue justice for justice's sake, the situation has changed.

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