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US-China economic cooperation calls for political vision

[2015-09-09 18:53]

The recent roller coaster rides of Chinese and US stock markets rattle investors, but should not dampen their enthusiasm in economic cooperation.

China implementing new round of high-level opening-up

[2015-09-09 18:52]

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday said China will continue to promote reform and opening-up and will open wider to the outside world.

Educating officials' families to fight corruption

[2015-09-09 16:59]

China's top women's organization hopes to educate officials' families in order to build a firewall for the Party and government officials against corruption.

Chinese United Front puts news on your mobile

[2015-09-09 16:17]

The UFWD News app is now available on Android smartphones and tablets as well as iPhone and iPad.

National Audit Office saves 310 billion yuan in government funds

[2015-09-09 15:31]

The national auditing authority prevented a potential loss of 310 billion yuan ($49 billion) in government funds – an amount equivalent to Slovenia's gross domestic product last year - caused by accounting irregularities and unnecessary public spending last year after it looked into 1,361 agencies and organizations across the country.

Party members and public servants punished for drug use

[2015-09-09 15:22]

Eighteen county officials in Hunan province have been disciplined in a highly unusual instance of public servants and members of the Communist Party of China being openly punished over using illicit drugs.

Chinese premier Li commends nation's teachers

[2015-09-09 06:38]

Premier Li Keqiang commends the 15 million teachers for contributing to China's development, two days before the national Teachers' Day.

CPC is willing to take instructive criticism

[2015-09-09 12:45]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) is willing to take instructive criticism from the outside world on how to discipline the Party, said a top Party official at "The Party and the World Dialogue 2015" event which kicked off in Beijing on Tuesday.

Online mediation makes court debut in Shanghai

[2015-09-09 07:22]

The first online pre-litigation mediation platform in Shanghai was put into use by a district court on Tuesday, partly in response to a rising number of civil cases involving a foreign party.

Chinese premier commends nation's teachers

[2015-09-09 06:38]

Premier Li commended the China's 15 million teachers for contributing to China's development, two days before the National Teachers' Day.

China air force to open to public

[2015-09-09 06:28]

China's air force will hold a series of events and exhibitions for the public starting on Thursday, a spokesperson said Tuesday in northeast China's Changchun City.

Low-level officials must shoulder responsibility

[2015-09-08 21:06]

To improve public administration the State must encourage low-level government officials to shoulder administrative responsibilities, governance experts said.

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