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CPC top leadership adopts plan to build "Healthy China"

[2016-08-26 16:16]

The top leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Friday adopted a plan aiming to build a healthy China in the next 15 years.

Plan completed for next generation intelligent transportation system

[2016-08-26 15:03]

China has completed an architecture and development plan for a next generation intelligent transportation system, the chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport’s think tank announced on Friday in Shanghai.

China provincial legislator expelled from party, office

[2016-08-26 14:08]

Zheng Yuzhuo, a senior legislator in Northeast China's Liaoning province, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and removed from public office for taking bribes and malpractices in elections.

Plan targets antimicrobial resistance

[2016-08-26 07:30]

China announced a State-level plan on Thursday to curb antimicrobial resistance, high-lighting the first multisector effort involving 14 ministries and agencies, including health, agriculture, food and drug, and environmental protection.

China to join Australia, US in exercises

[2016-08-26 07:28]

Beijing confirmed on Thursday that China will hold joint military exercises in September involving Australia and the United States, in addition to its joint naval drill with Russia in the South China Sea next month.

Ex-Yunnan official expresses remorse in corruption trial

[2016-08-26 07:26]

A former senior official in Yunnan province stood trial on Thursday for allegedly accepting bribes worth over 24.3 million yuan ($3.7 million).

Olympians’ spirit hailed by president

[2016-08-26 01:54]

President Xi Jinping issued a rallying call on Thursday for the Olympic spirit to be practiced in helping to realize the "China Dream" of national rejuvenation.

Premier urges Japan to help stabilize ties

[2016-08-26 01:54]

Tokyo was urged to "play a constructive role" and make real efforts to stabilize bilateral relations with Beijing when Premier Li Keqiang met with the visiting Japanese national security adviser on Thursday.

Talks with Manila at early date expected

[2016-08-25 09:04]

China said on Thursday it expects talks to be held between Beijing and Manila "at an early date", after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday that talks on the South China Sea dispute are likely within a year.

Guideline clarifies fiscal responsibilities

[2016-08-25 08:22]

The State Council clarified the fiscal powers of central and local governments in a guideline issued on Wednesday.

New experts named to counselors' office to assist national policy

[2016-08-25 08:22]

Six high-caliber experts have been hired by the State Council's Counselors' Office, bringing to 56 the number of the top consultants to the nation.

Ningbo acting mayor is new Party chief

[2016-08-25 08:20]

After six months of vacancy, the post of secretary of the Communist Party of China's Ningbo Committee has been filled.

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