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Colonel turns out the guard

[2015-05-20 07:35]

When leaders of other nations visit China and are received amid the splendor of the Great Hall of the People, military honor guards are ready to be reviewed. They await the orders of one man whose duty it is to ensure the ceremony is conducted with split-second precision - no missteps, no actions that are not fully coordinated, and no mistakes.

Disclosure rule pushed to officials at lower levels

[2015-05-20 07:35]

A regulation requiring Party officials and public servants to declare their personal incomes and assets has been extended to lower-level officials.

Official says China's 'precious' help after quake still important

[2015-05-20 07:35]

China has helped Nepal in disaster relief and rescue operations since the devastating earthquake on April 25.

China's e-commerce to go abroad: NDRC

[2015-05-19 20:39]

China will promote its e-commerce to the world and expand business in new sectors, said a senior official with the country's top economic planner on Tuesday.

Senior security official meets HK police chief

[2015-05-19 20:21]

Senior Chinese security official Meng Jianzhu highlighted long-term stability in the Chinese mainland and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) as he met with Hong Kong's new Police Commissioner Stephen Lo on Tuesday.

Chinese troops leave for peacekeeping missison in Lebanon

[2015-05-19 18:22]

A Chinese team of 85 soldiers left for an eight-month long peacekeeping mission in Lebanon on Tuesday.

Fishing ban objection by Vietnam dismissed

[2015-05-19 07:27]

Beijing last week announced the temporary ban on fishing in parts of the sea between May 16 and Aug 1 to protect marine resources.

China sees more disciplinary violations in April

[2015-05-19 08:27]

The disciplinary watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) uncovered 2,508 cases of anti-graft rule violations in April, an increase of 1,931 cases from March.

Complaint by CEO gets public attention

[2015-05-19 07:40]

A private entrepreneur never expected an open letter he wrote accusing some local government officials of abusing their power to draw wide attention from top leaders like Premier Li Keqiang.

HK signature campaign gathers mass support for reform package

[2015-05-19 07:40]

More than 1.2 million eligible voters in Hong Kong signed their names during a citywide campaign to show support for the government's electoral reform package, the group that organized the campaign, Alliance for Peace and Democracy, said on Monday.

China sends more relief equipment, staff to Nepal

[2015-05-18 20:43]

The Chinese army will send more medical equipment and a team of senior medics to quake-hit Nepal, the military said in a statement on Monday.

China sets economic reform priorities for 2015

[2015-05-18 20:34]

Streamlining administration, promoting convertibility of the yuan and linking the Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges are among China’s priorities.

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