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China, Uzbekistan vow stronger bilateral ties

[2014-05-20 13:54]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Uzbek counterpart, Islam Karimov, pledged here on Tuesday to push forward bilateral relations.

China excludes Windows 8 from govt computers

[2014-05-20 13:28]

China has announced that it will forbid the use of the Windows 8 operating system in new government computers, a move to ensure computer security after the shutdown of Windows XP.

China summons US ambassador over indictment

[2014-05-20 13:17]

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang summoned US Ambassador to China Max Baucus on Monday night, lodging a solemn representation with the US side over the indictment against five Chinese military officers despite China's strong protest, according to a press release by the Foreign Ministry Tuesday morning.

China hosts major Asia security conference

[2014-05-20 07:41]

While Asia has become the world's most economically dynamic region, security cooperation has been a weakness.

Xi vows support for Afghanistan reconstruction

[2014-05-20 07:41]

The upcoming run-off for the Afghan presidential election and the newly declared summer offensive by the Taliban have not stopped Afghan President Hamid Karzai from visiting China again.

Security summit to help build mutual trust

[2014-05-20 07:37]

An upcoming Asian security summit will strengthen dialogue, build mutual trust and broaden cooperation among Asian countries and help the region address some hotspot issues, foreign leaders and experts said.

Russian president arrives for state visit

[2014-05-20 07:24]

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Shanghai early Tuesday to start his state visit to China and attend the upcoming Asian security summit.

China suspends cyber working group activities with US to protest cyber theft indictment

[2014-05-20 03:40]

China on Monday decided to suspend activities of the China-US Cyber Working Group as U.S. announced indictment against five Chinese military officers on allegation of cyber theft.

China publishes latest data of US cyber attack

[2014-05-20 03:35]

China dismissed US charges of hacking against five Chinese military officers as "groundless", saying China is a solid defender of cyber security.

Paris and Beijing join to enhance ties in nuclear energy

[2014-05-19 21:53]

Beijing will join hands with Paris to explore third-party nuclear energy markets, Premier Li Keqiang told the French foreign minister on Monday.

Disciplinary organs urged to sharpen anti-graft checks

[2014-05-19 21:37]

Senior Chinese official Wang Qishan has told the country's discipline inspection organs to be "strict, specific and genuine" when investigating officials.

2 Chinese national contractors released by kidnappers in Myanmar: company

[2014-05-19 21:26]

Two Chinese contractors with Chinese company Wan Bao, kidnapped by activists in Myanmar's Monywa Sunday, are released Monday evening.

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