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Xi warns Abe over Diaoyu Islands

[2013-09-07 03:12]

Japan should handle sensitive issues including the Diaoyu Islands in a correct way to control divergence and seek a resolution, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

President calls for worldwide free trade

[2013-09-07 03:12]

President Xi Jinping urged G20 leaders on Friday to shoulder their responsibilities and boost free trade amid a recent global uptick in protectionism.
Speech earns praise from global leaders
Think tank seeks G20 secretariat

Speech earns praise from global leaders

[2013-09-07 03:12]

President Xi Jinping brought a spirit of "pragmatism and boldness" in a cooperative way to the G20 summit when addressing the country"s domestic difficulties and global challenges.

Supervision raised on rail building

[2013-09-07 02:23]

The government released a regulation on railway security on Friday, urging authorities to tighten supervision on railway construction.

Xi, Obama discuss Asia-Pacific

[2013-09-07 01:21]

Beijing asked Washington to maintain an objective and fair attitude and press countries to make tangible moves to safeguard peace in the Asia-Pacific.
Xi warns Abe over Diaoyu Islands
Speech earns praise from global leaders

Open up private market, Li says

[2013-09-07 00:28]

Premier Li reiterated the need for efforts in removing obstacles that restrain private investors from entering previously monopolized sectors.

China supports improved DPRK, ROK relationship

[2013-09-06 19:55]

China supports the further improvement of bilateral relations between the Democratic People's the Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Republic of Korea (ROK), Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said Friday.

SCO law, justice ministers pledge cooperation

[2013-09-06 19:51]

Law and justice ministers of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries pledged to improve judicial cooperation in a joint statement issued Friday.

Meeting mechanism approved to boost economic reforms

[2013-09-06 19:09]

The State Council, China's cabinet, has approved setting up a joint meeting mechanism under which key regulators will hold regular or irregular meetings on economic reforms.

China verifying Pakistan's arrest of terror attack plotter

[2013-09-06 18:38]

China hasn't received official notification from Pakistan on the reported arrest of the chief plotter behind the June terrorist attack that resulted in the death of two Chinese citizens.

China backs UN effort on Syria

[2013-09-06 18:38]

China supports the United Nations effort on resolving the Syria issue, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Friday.

China announces new railway security regulation

[2013-09-06 16:52]

A new railway security management regulation will be effective from January 1, a statement released by the State Council, the cabinet, said Friday.

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