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China, France mark half-century of ties

[2014-01-17 16:41]

China and France will celebrate the 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties with a number of events, senior diplomats said here Friday.

China unveils rules on freezing terrorist assets

[2014-01-17 13:28]

China on Friday announced a regulation for freezing terrorist assets to cut off funds for terrorist activities as part of the country's efforts to fight terrorism.

Officials with spouses overseas won't be promoted

[2014-01-17 03:54]

The regulation of "naked officials" — civil servants whose family members have migrated overseas — has been tightened in the wake of the Party's efforts to fight graft.

Senior general tangled in corruption, magazine says

[2014-01-17 03:54]

A senior Chinese military officer owned dozens of homes, gold statues and crates of luxury liquor, Caixin magazine reported in a rare exposé of corruption in the armed forces.

Chinese FM meets Mongolian counterpart

[2014-01-17 03:06]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met here Thursday with visiting Mongolian counterpart Luvsanvandan Bold, emphasizing China's commitment to ties with neighboring nations.

Xinjiang's capability to thwart terror improves

[2014-01-08 08:13]

Maintaining social stability and forging a lasting peace have become the top priorities in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region after President Xi Jinping presided over a meeting in December to hear reports from top officials from the region, local media reported on Tuesday.

China bulks up maritime fleet

[2014-01-17 01:38]

China will speed up the construction of 20 inspection ships this year and plans to purchase patrol ships and planes in response to more countries challenging its territorial rights.

CPC pledges scientific official selection

[2014-01-16 23:59]

The Organization Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has pledged more scientific measures to select leading officials for Party and government departments.

China, Russia, India hold talks on Afghanistan

[2014-01-16 23:26]

China, Russia and India held talks on Afghanistan on Thursday in Beijing, a Chinese Foreign Ministry press release said.

Legislators told to cage power with law

[2014-01-16 23:18]

China's top legislature has been told to strengthen the supervision and restriction of officials' power with a comprehensive legal system and effective law enforcement.

Deputies focus on administrative reforms

[2014-01-16 22:05]

Administrative approval reform is the main focus of the 12th People's Congress of Shaanxi province, deputies of the session said.

Shaanxi political advisers focus on pollution, traffic

[2014-01-16 21:15]

Safety and a healthy environment are among the key safeguards for social and economic development, according to members of Shaanxi Provincial Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

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