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Xi pledges resolute fight against corruption

[2013-03-17 10:26]

China's newly-elected president Xi Jinping pledged Sunday to resolutely fight against corruption and other misconduct in all manifestations and always preserve the political integrity of Communists.

Top legislator vows to promote rule of law

[2013-03-17 10:26]

China's newly-installed parliament will dutifully fulfill its obligations to promote socialist democracy and the rule of law, and safeguard the authority of the Constitution.

President Xi salutes his predecessor Hu Jintao

[2013-03-17 10:11]

Newly-elected Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday saluted his predecessor Hu Jintao, saying Hu deserves heartfelt gratitude and respects for his outstanding contribution to the country over the past decade.

Xi vows to press ahead with 'Chinese dream'

[2013-03-17 10:00]

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged on Sunday to make arduous efforts to achieve the "Chinese dream."Xi vows to fulfill duties as China's president
Xi pledges resolute fight against corruption

Xi vows to fulfill duties

[2013-03-17 09:46]

Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to honestly fulfill his duties given by the Constitution, saying his election means "glorious mission" and "profound responsibilities." Chinese dreamAnti-corruption

Premier Li will meet the press

[2013-03-17 08:02]

The first session of the 12th NPC will hold the closing meeting on Sunday morning. After the closing meeting, Premier Li Keqiang will meet the press. China Daily will provide full coverage of Li's news conference.

Vice-premiers and state councilors named

[2013-03-17 07:54]

China completes its state of new leaders as two sessions enter closing phase.

From Harvard to realizing the 'Chinese dream'

[2013-03-17 07:40]

While many Chinese head overseas in search of a dream, Wang Huiyao is working in the opposite direction.

Zhou staying at central bank

[2013-03-17 07:36]

China's longest-serving central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, 65, won approval from the National People's Congress to extend his tenure on Saturday, which analysts called a plus for continuity of financial policies and increasing independence of the bank.

Veteran diplomats new faces of diplomacy

[2013-03-17 07:27]

A former ambassador to Japan was named China's new foreign minister yesterday, while incumbent Yang Jiechi, 63, has been promoted to state councilor responsible for foreign policy.

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