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Anti-graft project piloted in Guangdong

[2013-01-29 07:47]

Guangdong province will implement a property declaration system in three pilot areas, the provincial disciplinary authority said on Monday.

Tighter cadre supervision urged

[2013-01-29 07:31]

Top leaders asked on Monday to "deal with unqualified Party members in a timely way", in what experts called their latest and toughest stand against corruption.

Interception test a success

[2013-01-29 03:35]

Analysts said China's latest midair missile interception test will help Beijing strengthen its air defense capability amid strained relations with some of its Asian neighbors.

China takes 'path of peaceful negotiations'

[2013-01-29 03:35]

China's top legislator Wu Bangguo said on Monday that the country will remain on the path of peaceful negotiations to settle historical land boundary issues with neighboring countries.

Air quality a hot topic

[2013-01-29 03:35]

Air pollution has been one of the hottest topics in Shanghai's two sessions this year, as residents living in the Yangtze River Delta breathed the most polluted air in five years during the past two weeks.

Advisers call for regional efforts to reduce emissions

[2013-01-29 03:35]

Hebei province's political advisory body is urging authorities in the region to implement stricter, more coordinated policies to cut emissions and control the worsening air quality in northern China.

Pollution top for new Beijing leaders

[2013-01-29 03:35]

Lawmakers and advisers renewed calls to tackle environmental and traffic issues on Monday, as Beijing elected its new leadership.

Tianjin urged to upgrade facilities

[2013-01-29 03:35]

A senior meteorologist in Tianjin has urged the local government to reinforce pollution monitoring facilities in a bid to improve the accuracy of the air quality index.

Chinese, Japanese communities pledge friendship

[2013-01-29 02:49]

Communities from China and Japan have pledged to make further contributions to boost the friendship between the two countries.

China launches fire risk campaign

[2013-01-29 02:43]

A nationwide campaign was launched in China on Monday to reduce potential fire risks in public buildings in the wake of a Brazilian nightclub blaze that claimed at least 230 lives.

Former Japanese leader arrives in Beijing

[2013-01-29 02:14]

A Japanese delegation, which includes a former prime minister, arrived in Beijing on Monday to discuss tension over the Diaoyu Islands.

Era of increased spending ends

[2013-01-29 02:10]

Government procurement may have peaked last year as tougher regulations mean that huge increases in public expenditure are a thing of the past.

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