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Former premier launches 3rd book

[2013-08-13 07:25]

Former premier Zhu Rongji unveiled his third book on Monday, featuring a record of speeches, photos and letters dating back more than 20 years.

Two terrorist leaders sentenced to death in Kashgar for attacks

[2013-08-13 02:06]

Two people from a gang that carried out a violent attack on April 23 in Xinjiang, which left 15 dead were sentenced to death on Monday.

Ties with Kenya 'not just about resources'

[2013-08-13 01:22]

The strong relationship between China and Kenya is based on a wide range of partnerships rather than natural resources, Kenyan President said.
China, Kenya optimistic on future

Japan should follow peace, friendship treaty

[2013-08-12 20:35]

The China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1978 should be commemorated and followed well, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Monday.

6,007 probed for duty dereliction

[2013-08-12 13:29]

In the first half of 2013, prosecutorial agencies across China investigated 6,007 functionaries on suspicion of dereliction of duty and rights infringement, new data has showed.

Over 20,000 lawyers recruited as govt advisers

[2013-08-12 09:48]

A senior justice official said on Sunday that 23,500 lawyers have been recruited as legal advisers for governments at all levels in China. Society governed by law key to stability

China's part of Sino-Russia border island submerged

[2013-08-11 17:04]

Downpours and water discharge from a reservoir along a China-Russia border river has submerged 90 percent of China's part of an island shared by the two countries.

Searching on missing Chinese is still underway

[2013-08-11 04:20]

Chinese Embassy to Afghanistan had confirmed Saturday that searching on the final missing Chinese citizen during attack in Kabul is still underway.
One missing Chinese found safe in Afghanistan

Visa window gives tourists a welcome view

[2013-08-10 02:05]

Guangzhou, the third city after Beijing and Shanghai to offer 72-hour visa-free transit to airline passengers, is winning over travelers.

Chinese, Russian conduct 1st joint live fire drill

[2013-08-09 21:51]

Chinese and Russian troops conducted their first joint exercises using live ammunition during anti-terrorism drill Peace Mission-2013 on Friday.

China confirms Diaoyu Islands coast guard patrol

[2013-08-09 07:46]

The Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that a fleet of ships from the China Coast Guard recently patrolled the country's territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands.

Beijing rejects protest over patrol

[2013-08-09 07:41]

Beijing rejected a protest from Tokyo on Thursday over Chinese ships patrolling near the Diaoyu Islands, as four Chinese vessels made their longest stay in the area.Islands dispute hammers attitudesPoll reveals gloom over China-Japan ties

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