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China not accept Philippines' protest: embassy

[2014-02-25 21:08]

China does not accept the so-called "protest" by the Philippines on alleged firing of water cannon at Filipino fishermen, the Chinese embassy in Manila said Tuesday.

China plans Nanjing Massacre memorial day

[2014-02-25 20:00]

Chinese lawmakers are mulling making December 13 a national memorial day to commemorate those killed by Japanese aggressors during the Nanjing Massacre in the 1930s.

China mulls Victory Day of Anti-Japan war

[2014-02-25 19:30]

China's top legislature is considering designating September 3 as the Victory Day of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, it announced Tuesday.

The war in brief

[2014-02-25 18:21]

The Lugouqiao Incident occurred, and the nationwide War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) started.

The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression

[2014-02-25 17:48]

The Japanese aggression caused 35 million deaths and casualties of Chinese people and US$600 billion of economic losses in China. China won the war eight years later.

Chinese citizens urged to avoid Thai rally sites

[2014-02-25 16:03]

The Chinese embassy in Thailand on Tuesday warned Chinese citizens, especially tourists, to keep away from rally sites and surrounding areas in the Thai capital Bangkok.

Public lauds disclosure of government 'power lists'

[2014-02-25 01:09]

China's public and media are praising the central government's recent order to its departments to disclose their "power lists" — registers of their administrative approvals.

Li urges stronger S. China Sea ties

[2014-02-25 00:57]

Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday he wants cooperation with Vietnam in the South China Sea to expand to "a larger scale of joint development", during his meeting with a visiting Vietnamese senior official.

Fight against graft faces challenges

[2014-02-25 00:37]

More corrupt officials may flee abroad, while others could take extra precautions to try to disguise their wrongdoings following anti-graft battle.

CPC meeting underlines further reform

[2014-02-24 22:10]

Participants at a meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday decided that deepening reform would help China reach its economic and social development targets this year.

China to increase government transparency

[2014-02-24 19:31]

Chinese governments and departments are not meeting standards when it comes to transparency and publicizing information, said a report by a government think tank on Monday.

US's 'Tibet Coordinator' irritates China

[2014-02-24 17:52]

China will never recognise the United States' appointment of a special coordinator for Tibetan issues, China's foreign ministry said on Monday, saying it opposes any foreign intervention in its internal affairs.

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