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New UN framework will help China tackle poverty

[2016-01-12 20:57]

A new UN development assistance framework will help China tackle three national development priorities including reducing poverty in the population of 70 million people over the next five years.

Beijing to play role in Afghan settlement

[2016-01-12 19:58]

China is willing to play a constructive role in the reconciliation process of Afghanistan, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei on Tuesday.

China firm on protecting territory as Japan ramps up tension

[2016-01-12 19:22]

China says it will protect its territory as Japan warns it will send patrols demanding Chinese vessels leave waters near the Diaoyu Islands.

Health insurance policies for rural, urban residents merged

[2016-01-12 14:39]

The insurance programs for China's rural residents and urban unemployed have been merged into a rural/urban residents' basic health insurance policy to improve equity and the efficiency of the system, said a notice issued by China's cabinet, or State Council, on Tuesday.

China's military newspaper highlights Party rule

[2016-01-12 14:17]

The military must follow the absolute leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and be "politically minded," a PLA Daily commentary said on Tuesday.

New surveillance vessel poised for Coast Guard duties

[2016-01-12 08:11]

China has built a second large maritime surveillance ship, which has featured in photographs published by Chinese military enthusiasts.

Former deputy security minister gets 15 years in jail

[2016-01-12 10:47]

Li Dongsheng was charged with illegally accepting almost $3.5 million worth of assets and abusing power in positions he held between 1996 and 2013.

China reorganizes its military headquarters into 15 new agencies

[2016-01-12 08:11]

There are now six new departments: joint staff, political work, logistical support, equipment development, training and defense mobilization.

Beijing plays a role in Kabul peace talks

[2016-01-12 07:46]

Beijing is playing a more active role in hot regional issues, as the first round of four-party talks on Afghanistan was held in Islamabad.

Xi calls for advancing reforms in all sectors

[2016-01-12 00:07]

President Xi Jinping called for advancing reforms in all sectors as China's leading group for overall reform convened its 20th meeting.

Green development to play key role in supply side reforms

[2016-01-11 21:58]

On January 5, at a symposium to discuss improving Yangtze River Economic Belt development in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed that development must prioritize ecology for China's long-term benefits. Economic and social benefits can be obtained from our mountains and rivers.

Hanoi's ire at China flight test branded 'indefensible'

[2016-01-11 20:51]

Beijing said Hanoi's accusation of China jeopardizing regional air safety by conducting test flights on a South China Sea reef was "indefensible".

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