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Xi calls on Shanghai to lead way

[2017-03-06 06:32]

President Xi Jinping said China will continue to open up in all respects, particularly in further liberalizing and facilitating trade and investment, while calling on Sunday for Shanghai to take a leading role in deepening reform and boosting innovation.

China accelerates reform to boost senior service industry

[2017-03-06 08:38]

By further streamlining administration and delegating power, strengthening supervision and improving the service level, China will mobilize social forces to participate in the development of elderly care industry, lower the institutional cost for entrepreneurship and create a fair development environment, according to a policy paper released by relevant Chinese authorities recently.

Li says money supply to grow 12% in 2017

[2017-03-05 09:59]

China will continue to pursue a prudent and neutral monetary policy this year, with the M2 money supply and aggregate financing forecast to grow by around 12 percent, Premier Li Keqiang said in the Government Work Report on Sunday.

Mainland tourists warned of risks in South Korea travel

[2017-03-04 07:37]

China's top tourism authority has warned tourists of the risks regarding South Korea's change of its entry policy for Chinese citizens.

Beijing concerned over Dalai Lama border visit

[2017-03-04 07:37]

Trip to disputed area could cause 'severe damage' to India relations.

Beijing concerned over Dalai Lama border visit

[2017-03-04 07:37]

Trip to disputed area could cause 'severe damage' to India relations

China's top political advisor stresses unity with Xi's leadership

[2017-03-03 22:08]

China raised the curtain on its annual political season on Friday, with top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng pledging conformity to the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core.

Procuratorates see fewer petitions in 2016

[2017-03-03 20:47]

The number of petitions and complaints to procuratorial agencies across China in the first 10 months last year has dropped by 9.8 percent from the same period of the previous year.

China securities regulator releases guidelines to boost green bonds

[2017-03-03 20:42]

China's securities regulator has published guidelines to support the issuance of green bonds, pledging less red tape and more efforts to supervise the use of funds.

China's top political advisory body starts annual session

[2017-03-03 16:18]

China's top political advisory body started its annual session Friday in Beijing, ushering in a political high season that will continue with the opening of the country's top legislature Sunday.

Private investment highlighted at annual advisory session

[2017-03-03 16:17]

Private investment is among the hot topics to be discussed by Chinese political advisors as they meet in Beijing for the top advisory body's annual session, which opens Friday afternoon.

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