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Chinese premier stresses Yangtze waterway development

[2014-04-29 20:51]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has urged development of the "golden waterway" on the Yangtze River as a driving force for regional growth.

China faces "harsh" maritime interests challenges: report

[2014-04-29 20:32]

China faces many challenges in ensuring its maritime interests with growing uncertainies in its surrounding regions, a report released by the country's ocean watchdog has said.

Li Chuncheng stripped of public post, Party membership

[2014-04-29 20:27]

Li Chuncheng, former vice party chief of China's Sichuan Province has been stripped of his public post and membership of the Communist Party of China.

China tightens disciplinary inspection for clean holidays

[2014-04-29 20:14]

Anti-decadence momentum is building in China, with more than 800 wayward officials busted in April, according to the top disciplinary agency of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Chinese official briefs on new trademark law

[2014-04-29 20:03]

The revised Trademark Law, due to take effect on May 1, will streamline trademark registration procedures and improve trademark protection, a senior Chinese official has said.

China's archives seeks Japanese war crimes evidence

[2014-04-29 19:22]

A Chinese archives has asked the public to donate historical records that reveal Japanese war crimes during their invasion of China from the 1930s to 1940s.

China eyes 'milestone' summit for security cooperation in Asia

[2014-04-29 18:57]

China hopes the upcoming Shanghai summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) will be a milestone for security cooperation in the region, a foreign ministry spokesman said on Tuesday.

China urges easing situation on Korean Peninsula

[2014-04-29 18:38]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that parties of the Korean Peninsula should do things that are conducive to easing the situation.

China, India meet on border issues

[2014-04-29 18:37]

China and India continued with their three-day meeting on border affairs in Beijing on Tuesday, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang.

China returns US transgenic corn

[2014-04-29 18:34]

China has returned over one million tonnes of maize imported from the United States that contained an unapproved transgenic component, the country's leading quality watchdog announced on Tuesday.

China continues Diaoyu Islands patrol

[2014-04-29 18:30]

Three China Coast Guard vessels patrolled in China's territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands on Tuesday, the State Oceanic Administration said on its website.

Judges ordered to publish sentence reduction, parole cases

[2014-04-29 14:10]

China's top court said on Tuesday that cases and trials of sentence reduction and parole must be disclosed to the public.

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