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Anti-extremism regulation taking shape

[2015-03-12 08:35]

The legislature of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plans to draft a regulation by 2016 to curb religious extremism.

'Tigers' caught in graft probe triple: Top procurator

[2015-03-12 10:09]

Number of senior officials investigated in graft cases jumped from 8 to 28 in just one year, said the procurator general on Thursday.

Chief justice expresses self-reproach for wrongful convictions

[2015-03-12 09:42]

China's Chief Justice Zhou Qiang on Thursday expressed self-reproach for wrongful convictions and urged fellow judges to learn from them.

US and Venezuela urged to calm tensions

[2015-03-11 21:25]

China has called for Venezuela and the United States to properly manage their relationship amid growing tensions between Caracas and Washington.

ASEAN official condemned by Foreign Ministry

[2015-03-11 21:15]

China has criticized a top Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) official for damaging the body's reputation by deviating from its neutrality on the South China Sea issue.

Xi's set direction for cross-Strait development

[2015-03-11 19:01]

Xi Jinping's comments last week stressing peaceful development of cross-Strait ties and vigilance against Taiwan independence have set the direction for the mainland's future Taiwan affairs work, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

China urges ASEAN to stay neutral on South China Sea issue

[2015-03-11 18:56]

China on Wednesday refuted ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh's recent accusation that China had complicated the situation in the South China Sea, saying the comments departed from the neutral role that the ASEAN Secretariat should play.

Review agencies face tighter controls

[2015-03-11 08:13]

The national environmental watchdog will tighten the reins on assessment agencies having close relationships with officials of the ministry, a move to fight corruption.

Workplace death toll 'too high'

[2015-03-11 08:11]

More than 66,000 Chinese died in workplace accidents last year, a death toll that's "too high", a senior official in charge of the country's work safety issues said.

Xinjiang people join IS, says top official

[2015-03-11 08:09]

A top official from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region confirmed that Xinjiang residents have joined the radical group Islamic State.

Minister warns of increased jobs pressure

[2015-03-11 04:14]

China's employment market could come under greater pressure this year as the country faces a record number of college graduates and is expecting economic growth to hit a 25-year low, a government minister said on Tuesday.

Xinjiang remains stable despite terror attacks: official

[2015-03-10 11:19]

The overall situation in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region remains stable and controllable despite terror attacks, a senior official said Tuesday.

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