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"Peace Mission-2014" scale: more than ever

[2014-08-28 20:47]

The scale of the ongoing "Peace Mission 2014" joint military drill is the largest to date, a Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.

China, US jointly bust cocaine trafficking

[2014-08-28 20:45]

Chinese authorities, with the help of the US Drug enforcement Administration (DEA) have confiscated 70 kg of cocaine originating from South America, the Ministry of Public Security said Thursday.

Lawmakers call for careful control of economic risks

[2014-08-28 20:25]

Chinese lawmakers applauded the favorable economic performance so far this year but stressed careful moves to control risks, when discussing key fiscal reports Thursday.

Former S China political advisor on trial

[2014-08-28 18:10]

A senior political advisor from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region stood trial in Yanbian in northeast China on Thursday on charges of taking bribes, the Supreme People's Court (SPC) said.

Senior N China provincial officials removed from posts

[2014-08-28 11:57]

Two senior Party officials from North China's Shanxi province have been removed from their posts for suspected serious discipline and law violations.

Balance seen as vital for 'blue economy'

[2014-08-28 07:00]

The marine or blue economy is increasingly considered a good place to boost a country's sustainable development because of the huge economic and social potential of the seas, China's ocean watchdog said.

Innovation 'essential for maritime collaboration'

[2014-08-28 07:00]

A new wave of international cooperation, with an emphasis on innovation and boosting the blue economy to better utilize resources, is the focus of maritime authorities, a leading specialist said.

Nation welcomes marine partners

[2014-08-28 07:05]

China is forging durable partnerships with APEC economies amid a rising tide of maritime international cooperation set for 2015.

Imprisoned recruiter for extremist group voices regrets

[2014-08-28 07:05]

Gulaman Abudula, 34, said she now is sorry now for leading many women in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region into an illegal religious extremist group because their families might be destroyed, just as hers was.

Zhou Yongkang case still under investigation

[2014-08-28 07:05]

The Supreme People's Court said on Wednesday that the case involving the country's former security chief, Zhou Yongkang, has not yet entered legal proceedings.

Seminar honors martyrs who saved Xinjiang

[2014-08-28 07:05]

Sixty-five years after their deaths, five martyrs who foiled an attempt to separate part of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region from China were honored on Wednesday.

Ties with Vietnam to be put back on track

[2014-08-28 01:41]

China and Vietnam agreed that strained relations will be repaired and maritime tensions brought under control after the visit of a special envoy from Hanoi.

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