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Chinese premier congratulates India's new PM

[2014-05-26 20:14]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sent a message to Narendra Modi on Monday to congratulate him on his assumption of the Indian prime minister.

China vows to maintain stability in Xinjiang

[2014-05-26 19:30]

China will harshly crack down on terror attacks and maintain lasting stability in Xinjiang, the central leadership of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) said on Monday.

China urges Vietnam to punish riot perpetrators

[2014-05-26 19:21]

China on Monday urged Vietnam to severely punish those who perpetrated violence against foreigners in riots earlier this month.

China eager to see improved India-Pakistan relations

[2014-05-26 19:15]

As a neighbor of both India and Pakistan, China is eager to see improvement in their long-strained relations, said a Foreign Ministry spokesman on Monday, as Pakistan's prime minister attended the swearing-in of his new Indian counterpart.

China expects continuity in Thai ties

[2014-05-26 18:14]

China hopes that communication and cooperation with Thailand will continue despite changes of the political situation, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang said Monday.

Malaysia PM upcoming visit to further bilateral ties: Chinese FM

[2014-05-26 17:31]

China on Monday expresses the belief that the Malaysian prime minister's upcoming visit will advance bilateral ties.

China respects Ukrainian people's choice: FM spokesman

[2014-05-26 17:30]

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang on Monday said that China respects the Ukrainian people's choice in the country's presidential election.

Report blasts 'unscrupulous' US surveillance in China

[2014-05-26 16:49]

A Chinese Internet information body has complained of 'unscrupulous' surveillance by US intelligence agencies over the rest of the world, and called for an immediate cessation of the practice.

Xinjiang's Party chief wages 'people's war' against terrorism

[2014-05-26 15:23]

In a signed article, Xinjiang's Party chief Zhang Chunxian, promises to "carry out special campaigns against terrorism" in the region.

Full Text: Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013

[2014-05-26 14:25]

The Information Office of the State Council, or China's Cabinet, issued a white paper on Progress in China's Human Rights in 2013 Monday.

Senior executive expelled from CPC

[2014-05-26 10:59]

Huang Baodong, a senior executive of a state-owned power-related corporation, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and public office for "serious disciplinary and legal violations."

China issues white paper on human rights

[2014-05-26 10:51]

The paper detailing the progress in the country's human rights in 2013 highlights China's enhanced social fairness, justice and freedom of speech.

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