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China: Stop oil rig harassment

[2014-05-09 07:24]

Beijing demanded on Thursday that Hanoi cease its harassing actions against a Chinese oil rig in waters off an island in the South China Sea and called for dialogue to end the conflict.

Stronger cooperation vowed on China-Russia finance, investments

[2014-05-08 21:02]

China and Russia pledged to strengthen cooperation in investment and finance on Thursday, shortly before the two countries' top leaders were set to meet in China.

China accelerates property registration

[2014-05-08 20:46]

China established a government agency to supervise property registration on Thursday as part of an effort to accelerate the registration process.

Senior official dismissed from CPC for graft

[2014-05-08 13:47]

A former senior official from southwest China's Guizhou Province has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and dismissed from public office, said the CPC discipline inspection agency Thursday.

Rig is drilling in our waters, Beijing says

[2014-05-08 04:25]

China stated its position as it reaffirmed its resolve to protect territorial sovereignty amid continued maritime challenges from Vietnam.

Swiss banks' move 'to aid graft fight'

[2014-05-08 04:30]

A decision by Switzerland to hand over details of secret bank accounts in the country to other nations will benefit China's ongoing anti-corruption campaign.

Chinese police to patrol in Paris to help tourists

[2014-05-08 02:19]

Chinese police officers are expected to assist their counterparts in France on patrols following recent attacks targeting Chinese tourists in Paris.

China urges US to stop interference in Hong Kong affairs

[2014-05-07 19:25]

China on Wednesday demanded the United States to stop issuing orders regarding the political reform of Hong Kong or doing anything to damage its prosperity and stability.

Anti-graft laws to be drafted in South China

[2014-05-07 11:03]

Guangdong plans to enact laws to prevent corruption across the province.

Disclosure of military secrets becoming bigger risk

[2014-05-06 08:15]

There is an increasing risk of the online disclosure of State secrets, after a man was convicted of releasing military secrets through the Internet.

Stability, the lifeline for Xinjiang's development

[2014-05-05 22:42]

People in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region are longing for a stable social environment more than ever after a deadly terrorist attack last week.

Whoever started trouble should end it, China tells Japan

[2014-05-05 21:58]

China on Monday continued to call on Japanese leaders to reflect on history to mend bilateral ties while welcoming a visiting delegation to China.

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