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China to recruit 22,000 national-level civil servants

[2014-10-13 07:48]

China's national-level government agencies, their affiliated public institutions and local branches will recruit over 22,000 civil servants in 2015, up from the 19,000-plus in 2014.

PLA warns of training mismatch with real combat

[2014-10-12 19:14]

China's military authority has issued a document detailing 40 problems with current exercises in a move to sharpen the troops' fighting capability.

Chinese, EU militaries hold talks

[2014-10-11 07:10]

Chief of the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army Fang Fenghui held talks with Patrick de Rousiers, chairman of the European Union Military Committee, in Beijing on Friday.

China urges reform of UN peacekeeping

[2014-10-10 11:27]

A Chinese envoy said on Thursday that the United Nations should pay attention to increacing the relevance and feasibility of its peacekeeping operations.

Premier pushes innovation on German visit

[2014-10-10 04:04]

Premier Li Keqiang, starting his second visit to Germany since taking office, aims to maximize Sino-German ties through a landmark program that stresses innovation.

Chinese premier criticises lazy officials as corrupt

[2014-10-10 08:13]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has once more laid down the law with government workers who are trying to kept a low profile amid a corruption crackdown.

Beijing to keep the lid on air pollution for APEC

[2014-10-10 03:28]

Beijing plans to keep a tight rein on pollution by cutting emissions caused by industrial production and vehicles when it hosts the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in November.

Watchdog nabs more than 700 officials for corruption

[2014-10-09 21:23]

As the central government steps up efforts to clean up officialdom, Beijing's anti-graft authority punished 729 party members from January through September.

China urges US to stop "fabricating stories" on cyber security

[2014-10-09 19:49]

The Chinese foreign ministry on Thursday urged the United States to stop "fabricating stories" and "mudslinging" after a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official accused China of stealing secrets from U.S. firms.

Anti-corruption crucial for China's long-term growth: Nobel laureate

[2014-10-09 16:30]

China's anti-corruption campaign will affect economy for a short term, but is crucial to maintaining growth in the long run, a Nobel Prize winner on economics said Wednesday.

EU, China to hold first dialogue on security, defence

[2014-10-09 13:38]

The European Union and China will hold their first dialogue on security and defence in Beijing on Thursday.

TPP is incomplete without China: China's vice finance minister

[2014-10-09 11:11]

China's Vice Finance Minister said Wednesday that a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is incomplete without China.

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