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China approves plan for nuclear power safety

[2017-03-24 06:42]

China's cabinet, the State Council, has approved a plan for nuclear power safety and radioactive pollution control.

President lauds China-Russia ruling party meeting

[2017-03-24 06:05]

President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, highlighted on Thursday the importance of ruling party exchanges amid the two sides' efforts to deepen comprehensive and strategic cooperation.

Nuclear monitoring stations to triple

[2017-03-24 05:55]

China will more than triple the number of stations monitoring atmospheric radiation levels nationwide by 2020 as part of a nuclear energy security plan, a senior official from China's nuclear energy security authority said on Thursday.

Civil code highlights rights' protection

[2017-03-23 09:17]

The Civil Code garnered a range of opinions on such issues as the protection of personal information and personal rights. Special provisions like the extension of inheritance rights to unborn children have also been included.

Medical care reform to reduce costs

[2017-03-23 07:18]

Patients in Beijing will soon be spending less money on drugs due to a comprehensive medical care reform covering all public hospitals in the capital.

CPC leader calls for media upgrade

[2017-03-23 07:15]

A senior Communist Party of China leader called on Wednesday for media integration and creating favorable public opinion for the upcoming Party congress.

Li lays out vision of cooperation

[2017-03-23 07:15]

Premier Li Keqiang said he is confident that China and Australia will work together and jointly help to counter global instability through steady development and cooperation in a signed newspaper article on Wednesday.

Beijing urges restraint on peninsula

[2017-03-23 07:15]

Beijing has again urged restraint and suggested that nations involved to give serious consideration to its proposal of "dual suspensions" after the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's seemingly failed missile launch on Wednesday.

Beijing hopes remark by US on ties signals 'new starting point'

[2017-03-23 07:15]

Beijing has said it would like to see China-US ties "achieve greater development on a new starting point", in response to a recent positive remark by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the relations.

Protect IP rights before going overseas, companies urged

[2017-03-23 05:00]

Chinese companies with aspirations to go global should ensure their intellectual property rights are protected before expanding into overseas markets, a top IPR expert said.

China, Russia share path to prosperity

[2017-03-23 04:59]

At the Europlastic factory in Vladivostok, the largest city in the Russian Far East, local workers use Italian-built machinery to make plastic bottle caps out of raw materials imported from China.

46 military officers punished for discipline violations

[2017-03-22 16:06]

Altogether 46 people have been punished for their involvement in 10 cases of disciplinary violations, China's military inspectors said on Wednesday.

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