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Chinese customs police bust traffickers of rice, other grains

[2016-12-02 09:51]

Chinese customs authorities said Thursday they had solved 57 grain trafficking cases in the first ten months of the year, involving rice and other grains worth 1.086 billion yuan ($157.8 million).

China orders coal mine safety overhaul as colliery accidents rise

[2016-12-02 09:50]

China's coal mines have been ordered to conduct a safety overhaul to prevent major accidents as their frequency has surged in the past month.

China issues white paper on right to development

[2016-12-02 07:38]

China's State Council Information Office on Thursday issued a white paper on the right to development, detailing the country's philosophy, practice and contribution in this regard. Following is the full text of the document.

China bolsters Sierra Leone health aid after Ebola

[2016-12-02 03:35]

China agrees to forgive Sierra Leone's debt, and the two countries agree to require no visas from holders of each other's diplomatic passports.

China actively implements intl environment conventions: white paper

[2016-12-01 14:35]

China has been actively honoring its commitments to various international conventions that propel environmentally-friendly development, said a white paper issued Thursday.

China has 1.3b mobile phone users: white paper

[2016-12-01 14:34]

The total number of phone users in China hit about 1.54 billion by the end of 2015, and about 1.3 billion of them were mobile phone users, a white paper said Thursday.

China issues white paper on right to development

[2016-12-01 14:33]

The Chinese government Thursday issued a white paper on the right to development, expounding on its philosophy, practice and contribution.

700m people lifted out of poverty in over 30 years: white paper

[2016-12-01 12:13]

China has lifted 700 million people out of poverty through more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, accounting for more than 70 percent of the global reduction in poverty, said a white paper issued on Thursday.

China provides world with $58 billion in development aid in six decades: white paper

[2016-12-01 12:13]

China has provided approximately 400 billion yuan (about $58 billion) in development aid to 166 countries and international organizations over the past 60 years, said a white paper issued Thursday.

White paper says China on forefront in int'l peacekeeping

[2016-12-01 12:12]

China is a staunch contributor to international peacekeeping, a white paper issued Thursday here said.

China establishes system to ensure people's right to development: white paper

[2016-12-01 10:59]

China has established an integrated system of legislature, strategy development, planning, and judicial remedy to ensure its people's right to development, and makes continued efforts to improve it, said a white paper issued Thursday.

Criminal penalties designed to prompt defaulters to comply

[2016-12-01 08:04]

People who refuse to comply with court verdicts will face harsher penalties and have nowhere to run, thanks to various measures made by China's top court.

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