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A diplomat on the front line

[2013-03-11 08:05]

Ambassador to Japan still hopeful of reducing tension over islands

Shakeup a progress, but success unsure

[2013-03-11 07:57]

The institutional restructuring and functional transformation plan released on Sunday has tolled the bell for the colossal Ministry of Railways.

Reforms moving with the times

[2013-03-11 07:57]

The State Council has unveiled a series of changes designed to reflect recent changes in society and maximise administrative efficiency.

Nation merging maritime patrol forces

[2013-03-11 07:26]

China's top oceanic administration will be restructured in a move to strengthen maritime law enforcement and better protect marine resources.

New health commission set to be established

[2013-03-11 07:18]

A new national health and family planning commission will be established by merging the National Population and Family Planning Commission with the Ministry of Health, according to the report on the State Council's institutional reforms and the transformation of government functions.

Law remains the best medicine

[2013-03-11 07:08]

Lawmakers and experts have called on authorities to make the best from the planned establishment of a new ministry to oversee food safety and crack down on fake medicines.

US main source of cyberattacks against China

[2013-03-11 02:26]

China was subject to an increasing number of cyberattacks in the first two months of this year, with more than half launched from the United States, China's Internet security watchdog said.

Officials worry over railway ministry's debts

[2013-03-11 02:26]

China's financial stability might be compromised if the railway ministry's considerable liabilities, especially those issued by banks, are not well managed, said banking officials and executives on Sunday.

Less is more for government

[2013-03-11 02:24]

The railways and health ministries are being axed in an unprecedented government restructuring plan announced on Sunday. Reforms moving with times
 New health commission set to be established
Officials worry over railway ministry's debts

China reforms government-funded theaters, troupes

[2013-03-10 23:11]

All the 2,103 cultural units including theaters and art troupes previously sponsored by governments of different levels in China have been restructured under market-oriented cultural reform.

Top leaders join panel discussion with lawmakers

[2013-03-10 22:27]

Vice Premier Li Keqiang and other senior Chinese leaders on Sunday joined lawmakers in panel discussions during the ongoing annual session of the National People's Congress (NPC), the top legislature.

China unveils plan to streamline gov't

[2013-03-10 15:39]

The State Council will begin its seventh restructuring attempt in the past three decades to roll back red tape and reduce administrative intervention in the market and on social issues.

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